A Look At Creating A Budget For A Cleaning Service

A Look At Creating A Budget For A Cleaning Service

If you’re a busy parent, professional or both, then you know how difficult it is to keep a clean home. However, despite the difficulty, it is extremely important that you have a clean home for yourself and your family. As a result, it may now be the best time to create a budget so you can afford a professional cleaning service who can help to keep your home clean.

Creating a budgeting chart

Before you can get started, it is best to determine if it is possible to actually pay for and hire a professional cleaning service. So, you should create a budget worksheet and you can easily find many of these online or even in Excel. Once you find a relevant worksheet, you can get started by filling out the fields. Some of these many include any current loan repayments, food, childcare expenses, bills etc. If you’re not sure about all of your expenses, then it may be best to get your bank statements for the last few months so you can have exact figures on your monthly expenses.

Be sure to document everything

There are many bills and expenses that don’t need to be paid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There are many quarterly or other occasional bills such as your car insurance payments, credit card fees etc. So, if you want to prevent these expenses from surprising you, then you should make sure and put aside some money every month for these type of expenses. It is also important to think ahead of possible future expenses such as needing to buy new car tires for your vehicle, paying school or extracurricular fees etc. You should also take note of all the daily expenses you have such as coffee money, shopping etc. This will give you an extremely clear view of your money and exactly how much is coming in and going out. Once this is complete, you will know if it is even possible to hire a cleaning service.

Plan when possible

Next, you need to think about major one time expenses such as vacations as these can seriously have a huge impact on the spreadsheet. You should also having savings set aside for surprise problems or emergencies such as you vehicle shutting down etc. It is best to have monetary goals and keep track of them through a resource such as Mint. By having foresight and proper planning, it will have a huge impact on your ability to afford a cleaning service.

Make sure there is some wiggle room

It is very important that your budget is not rigid and it has some flexibility. This is important so that you can do things such as have lunch with your friends or simply buy surprise cupcakes for your kids. You should also have what is termed as “mad money” that can definitely help to save you from a bad situation. A good budget will help you to determine what you can actually afford and it should not be a jail cell where you are forced to manage every penny that you earn.

Find out the prices of various cleaning services

After you have completed your budget, you now need to see if you can afford to hire a cleaning service. So, you should find out some of the local cleaning services and call them up in order to get prices or estimates. Now, you need to remember that the cheapest service may not be the best and you should take other factors into consideration such as their reputation, past client reviews, type of services etc before you make a final decision.Give us a call today!

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