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About Cascade Maids

Cascade Maids offers the most trusted house cleaning services in Everett, WA. With several years dedicated to focusing on the customer, Cascade Maids will stop at nothing to ensure the best quality and customer service is provided every time. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Why Cascade Maids?

At Cascade Maids, Our goal is to make your life stress free while leaving your home spotless & relaxing! Gone are the days of looking for that perfect cleaner for you and your home. We take the time to find & thoroughly vet only the best cleaning professionals in Snohomish County to come on board with us

Whether you only need a one time cleaning, move in/out cleaning, or are looking to fully enjoy your home & free time with recurring services, we are here to make your dream a reality!

Learn more about the services we offer below!

Your Marysville House Cleaning Company

Cascade Maids offers an array of professional house cleaning services in Snohomish County.

We provide full-service cleaning when it comes to your home in Marysville. You can rely on our services when you need a move-in deep clean or a move-out cleanup. If you are interested in cleaning services on a regular basis, we can assist you with these services too.

Nearly everyone can relate to the difficulties involved in trying to maintain everything. We all lead lives that are busy with a ton of professional and personal responsibilities.

When you come to the realization that you do not have enough available time to maintain a clean home, take this to heart. This doesn’t mean that you are a weak individual, in actual fact, you are strong and realistic. You also realize that you have a load of other important things that need your energy and attention like your career, spouse and your children. Having minimal time in order to clean your home is what is now regarded as the “new” normal. You should never feel bad when it comes to this. This is when we can help. We provide top-notch cleaning services for homes in Marysville.

At Cascade Maids, we understand your needs. We also have our own families as well as many responsibilities that we deal with.

We will gladly send one of our professional and efficient cleaning teams to ensure your house is cleaned from the inside out. We clean, mop, dust, and wash every single surface throughout your home until it looks and smells fresh, hygienic and clean. If you have a plan to have friends or a family member over for a weekend visit, don’t stress yourself about preparing and cleaning your home, leave these tasks to us. We will ensure your home is sanitary and super clean. Call us today and we will show you how we treat all the homes we service like we do our own.

Scheduled Cleaning Services

There are countless homeowners that reside in Marysville, that lead extremely busy lives. If you are one of these people, we are here to help. We have found that there are several consumers just like you that require a regular schedule for cleaning their homes. They rely on our services to keep their homes in a pristine condition. We are here to clean your home on a schedule that you prefer whether you prefer a biweekly or weekly service.

We use systematic approaches when cleaning every room in the home. We also use a cleaning plan that is well-organized which we efficiently implement as soon as we arrive at your home.

We highly recommend the biweekly services to clean homes for people that have small kids and large families. Children are known for making a mess and touching a lot more surfaces than adults do. We also realize that many parents have concerns about their children picking up germs from the surfaces that they touch. We work on getting every surface in your home hygienically cleaned on each visit.

You can also choose from the monthly service when you need a deeper clean for your home. This is a good value option for people who need their surfaces disinfected and sanitized but have the time to keep their homes clean for the remainder of a month. There are also the clients that prefer the weekly cleanings.

This service is often economical and offers an improved value over the monthly cleaning service. When you decide to hire our services, our Cascade Maids offers the highest-quality services that come from reliable and professional cleaners which have a focus on providing you with 100% attention and care.

Using Our Cleaning Services For Special Occasions

This Marysville also has many people that are constantly planning and hosting special events and occasions. These include family reunions, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. When you decide to host an event from home you are presented with the opportunity to save a lot of money. This is when we can offer our professional services to make sure your home is ready for the event.

When you are able to rely on a cleaning team to get your home in tip-top shape for your special occasion, you can relax and focus your attention on planning the occasion. We offer services for both before as well as after the event, and we also provide special rates should you have any extra requests.

Our Personalized Approach When It Comes To Cleaning

We understand that your home is important to you and you would like any person that is visiting your home to show the same care and respect that you do. This is the reason at Cascade Maids, we treat your house like it belongs to us. We have a commitment to provide you with the best care possible. We have a team that works hard to make sure your house is completely clean. We deep clean, disinfect and deodorize and you will always be happy to arrive home to this type of professional clean.

Our cleaners are caring, respectful and experienced. We are proud of all the services that we provide. Our services are personalized with the aim of making sure you get the very most from your schedule and still match up to every need that you have.

Our Cascade Maids is totally committed to excellence in everything that we do.

Call us today to schedule your first clean!

Recurring Service

Want to make the most out of every day by having your home cleaned regularly? Choose the frequency that works for you and we'll make sure your home is the best it can be! We offer recurring service discounts with no contracts!

One-time cleaning

Just need some help from time to time, have family visiting or need to catch up on cleaning? Relieve your headache and reduce your stress when you book a one time cleaning with Cascade Maids.


We can adhere to all sorts of guidelines to ensure your home is move-out/in ready. Cascade Maids makes sure everything is handled with care, either when moving into a new home, or when leaving an old home ready for sale or the next tenant. We go through with you on every special need there might be in the moving.

Deep cleaning

Has it been a while? No problem, we can scrub deeper. Cascade Maids will leave your home feeling as if it's cleaned daily, after one of our deep cleanings. Of course, we recommend frequencies of once a week or every two weeks, but our deep cleanings get the job done. We don’t just scrub harder, we scrub and dust smarter, and in places you usually don’t even think about.


If you just renovated, or finished building your home, we can handle the messy clean-up. It’s a special service package we offer, and you should be confident and comfortable enough to not worry we’ll miss anything, ruin your new paint or floors, and even manage to remove that smell left over from construction materials.

Commercial clean

Office in need of a clean? We can easily handle that for you. We can work with any type of office, and we offer rates for different sizes as well. Talk to us in the comments about any other tasks you will need for us, specific to your office and commercial property’s needs.

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Cory K.
Cory K.
I've been meaning to write this review for a month. I am selling my house and moving back to Texas. I scheduled them for August 19th to do a deep cleaning....
Keith J.
Keith J.
Selling real reviews Yelp, google. We write reviews, promote your companies. Guaranteed confidentiality and quality of reviews.All accounts of real users,...
David S.
David S.
I had my first house cleaning today and to be honest I was nervous. We are new in the area and and the first two cleaning services closed snd no longer in...
Marie C.
Marie C.
Maria worked for three hours and her assistant for two returning our condo to clean after it was unoccupied over the winter. They worked hard the entire...
Fred C.
Fred C.
Scheduled this back end of 2019 before COVID hit for March. Had to reschedule because of obvious issues with social distancing. Super easy and quick to do...
larry h.
larry h.
Yelp googl facebook sale reviewsWe write reviews, promote your companiesConfidentiality and quality of reviews guaranteedAll accounts of real users, with...
Martha H.
Martha H.
Since posting my review the ownnercod company called and apologized this was what I i needEd someone to acknowledge how I felt He made it right....
Lynda S.
Lynda S.
Really great job, House has never been cleaner! I give myself a deep clean at least once per year, and although I am always happy I got the house cleaned,...
Diane T.
Diane T.
Vanessa did an excellent job deep cleaning our house today. She was on time, very meticulous, friendly and didn't seem to be tired even after completing 4...
A A.
A A.
I have been with a cleaning company for the last 10 years. My favorite cleaner left about two years ago and ever since then they have not been able to get...
Julie A S.
Julie A S.
Great service and great communication!! Love the follow up emails and texts. Stephanie at the office was great and made sure I still got service even when...
Norilyn S.
Norilyn S.
We needed a deep clean for our open house. I waited till the last second to book my appointment, and they went out of their way to squeeze us in. The...
Gena B.
Gena B.
We've had two cleanings now by Cascade maids in Monroe. The first was a deep cleaning and the second a regular cleaning. We're very impressed with the...
Shelly B.
Shelly B.
Great experience all around, and totally satisfied with the cleaning job. Online appointment scheduling was straightforward, and got a friendly call after...
Clement Y.
Clement Y.

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