Decluttering For A Cleaner Home

Decluttering For A Cleaner Home

Quarantine has made most of us stay at home more than we were used to. Many of us realized the importance of living in a comfortable place. While some people still associate minimalism with getting rid of all you have and live in a small white house, the reality is a bit different. Minimalism can help in finding a purpose in life and happiness in the little things. Adopting a minimalistic approach can help you focus on what matters and find new motivation. In other words, it is a way to learn to be intentional with the objects you own. 

Indeed, accumulating stuff is not useful. It attracts and dirt and can make your house look messy. And living in an environment that feels uncomfortable is not desirable. If you are trying to make your house cozier and more livable, consider decluttering your home! Here are some tips you may find useful.

Start Small

Decluttering can be overwhelming. With so many things, where should you start? Well, avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. Begin by setting aside 5 minutes of your time to separate things you no longer need from the essential ones.

Choose one area, a shelf or a counter, and focus on that. Little by little, you’ll be left only with the necessary items. Donate or give away the rest, and throw away everything that is of no use.

Once you’ve decluttered a space, organize it as you wish, and maintain it the same way. Avoid collecting new clutter and enjoy the new freedom such space give you.

Take A Picture

We tend not to notice our mess when we are used to it. For better results, snap a picture of your room or any area you decided to de-clutter and look at it. Identify all the items that shouldn’t be there and start working on it. Once you finished, take a new picture and use the two photos for later references!

Ask Yourself: “Do I Need It?” 

It might be hard to part with some items. But if they are not useful, or if they don’t bring you joy, there is no need to keep them! Ask a friend to help you. Think about what’s stopping you from getting rid of an object. 

Designate a Space For Paper Clutter

There always seems to be paper clutter. Create an inbox to keep mail, receipts, flyers, and any other paperwork in before it spreads around the house.

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