Do You Know How To Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner?

Do You Know How To Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner?

Imagine if a friend asked you how long it’s been since you used your vacuum when cleaning your home. You could probably give them a good answer. However, what if they asked you the last time you actually cleaned the vacuum? It’s quite easy to neglect the maintenance that your housekeeping tools need just for themselves. Having said that, if you want to get more cleaning done and even extend their life cycles, then you should do what you can to maintain your cleaning appliances.

Cleaning Your Own Vacuum

A bagless vacuum has to have good airflow in order to function right. Given this, you need to keep the filters and canisters clean. In regards to regular maintenance, you have to be sure that you empty out the vacuum canister as soon as it is halfway full. You also need to put in the time necessary to clean the vacuum routinely by using the instructions that follow.

There are four things you are going to need. They include a grout brush, scissors, dishwashing liquid, and microfiber cloths.

Vacuum Cleaning Steps:

The Canister

Unplug your vacuum. Remove its canister.

Use the dry microfiber cloth to wipe out the canister interior.

Wash out the canister interior in your sink using warm soapy water.

Rinse away any soap suds.

Give the canister time to dry fully before you put it back into position.

The Filter

The filter is the next step. Consult the instructions from the manufacturer in order to figure out whether the filter can be washed or just needs to get replaced.

In order to wash a filter, you’ll first have to get it out. Then, tap it up against a hard surface to knock out any dust. It’s best to do this above a trash can.

Then, rinse your filter underneath your faucet while it’s running warm water. Avoid the use of cleaners or soap unless the instructions from the manufacturer say to do that clearly.

Let your filter have a chance to dry overnight. Make sure it’s totally dry before putting it back into position.

The Base Plate

Now, remove your base plate. You do this to be able to clean your beater bar.

Cut away any hair or threads, but do so in a way that doesn’t damage any of the bristles that are on the bar.

Get all debris you can off of the beater bar using a grout brush.

Wipe down your vacuum’s base plate using a dry microfiber cloth.

Lastly, wipe the exterior of the vacuum down with that same microfiber cloth.

Now that you have read all of this, you know how to clean your vacuum. Use this knowledge to make regular home maintenance better. If you’re curious as to what various other products or tools you might need for routine housekeeping, click here for an expansive list.

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