Get Rid Of Musty Smell Winter

Get Rid Of Musty Smell Winter

During the winter months, we spend more time inside our homes. And, we don’t keep the windows open, meaning air isn’t freely flowing in/out of our homes. What’s the result? Sometimes musty odors permeate our homes when the temperatures drop. Here we’ll cover a few tips to prevent those odors while keeping warm with your doors and windows shut during the winter.

Clean Up

Simple, right? Actually yes, it is. When you’re inside more during the winter months
Dust and dander pile up
Pet fur sits on the floors and heater vents
You track dirt inside and it sits there

Therefore, you’ll have to vacuum, dust, and clean up regularly to keep your home fresh. If possible, clean and dust the home at least every other week, more often if you can. Check the fireplace, corners, and hidden areas you don’t typically clean regularly.

It’s not fun, but it’s a good way to make sure your home remains fresh and odor-free, while you’re stuck inside.

Don’t Skip Chore Day

It’s cold. We want to cuddle up in bed and do nothing when we’re home. That’s fine, but you can’t let wet clothes pile up in the hamper. Nor should you let the trash sit in the kitchen and bathroom all week without throwing it out. Many people skip routine chores during the winter, resulting in a musty home. Toss the trash regularly, don’t let dishes pile up nightly, wash your clothes weekly, and make sure you’re keeping up with daily/weekly chores. They’re usually smaller tasks, so it won’t take much time to complete.

Neutralize it

When you vacuum, add baking soda onto the floor. This helps eliminate odors and keep the home smelling fresh. Also, use sanitizers, candles, and other odor-eliminating scents in your home regularly. For pet owners, vacuum their beds and floor with baking soda. The more diligent you are, the less those harsh odors will linger.

Warm out? Take advantage of it!

Warm out? Use it to your advantage! Pop the windows open for a couple of hours, vacuum your drapes and let the fresh air eliminate those odors that have made their way into your home over the past couple of months.

Even though you’re stuck inside, you don’t have to let harsh odors linger around your home. Consider a few of these simple tips to keep your home fresh and clean, even when temperatures drop.

Call us to schedule your winter cleaning. Cascade Maids can get the mustiness out of any room for you.

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