Cleaning with microfiber is great- it is practical, economical, and eco-friendly. One of the common misconceptions is that the cloth you have washed and used again can spread dirt while wiping. What is characteristic of microfibers is that they capture dirt and germs and hold them from spreading around. I think this is the reason why are most of the people confused. Let’s see how to make sure your cloth is clean for wipe before use.

Here Is A List Of Basic Rules For Microfiber Washing:

-During microfiber use, you can only rinse it out- do not do it if you wipe only once (unless it is a toilet or big dirt). Just rinse out, dry it, and keep using it.

-Find a place to hold the microfiber during drying before washing. Once the cloth is dry, place it in a wire basket, and if it is still a little damp, transfer it over the basket until it dries. Your best option is that the wire basket is just for cleaning cloths for the toilet, so they don’t mix with other things for a wash.

-When washing your microfibers, do so only with other microfiber cloths, the other laundry in the washing machine together with the microfibers can turn it into a static magnet. Dedicate a special wash to the microfiber cloths.

-Use detergent for laundering. Take half of the detergent relative to a normal wash, for easy and completely rinses out.

-One of the most important things is to avoid fabric softener, badly affects fibers, and ruin their efficiency. It is recommended to add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to each load.

-Wash at high temperature, 140 degrees Fahrenheit will be enough to kill most germs and microorganisms. Even a much lower temperature will clean your cloth, but complete sanitize requires a higher temperature.

-Washing the microfibers once a week is desirable, or as soon as enough washing up is accumulated in a sanitizing manner, which will also clean your washing machine. It is very important to clean the washing machine once a month. It will prevent germs from spreading across your wardrobe, bedding, etc.

-Drying at low or medium in the drier is great for killing the remaining germs that may have been left after washing, so spreading of germs is impossible during wipe or contact with other things.

If you feel uncomfortable with the “feel” of microfiber, first try to damp the cloth slightly. It will remove the strange feeling you have, and you and your cloth will be ready for cleaning. Microfiber cleaning cloths should be soft and smooth/fluffy. The great thing about microfiber is that it’s eco-friendly, you can reuse it up to 300 times- how many paper towels are just saved this way. In the end, a misconception that needs to be broken is the frequent belief that, because of their polyester material, microfiber cleaning cloths are harmful to the environment- which isn’t true.

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