How to Clean a Dog Bed

How to Clean a Dog Bed

Your dog deserves a soft bed he or she can lay down on at the end of the day. But with that convenience comes a responsibility- getting rid of the pet odor.

It’s not as easy as popping the bed into your washing machine and calling it a day, though. Here’s how to clean a dog bed with as minimal fuss and time as possible.

Getting Started

It’s important that you clean your dog’s bed regularly, i.e., twice a week to prevent fleas and for good doggie hygiene.

Step 1. Give the dog bed a vigorous shake outdoors to remove loose dirt, dander and fur.

Step 2. Air it under the sun for half an hour or so, but elevate or put it on a concrete surface so you won’t attract bugs.

Step 3. Take out your vacuum and clean the bed’s spot of fur and other debris.

Step 4. Before bringing the dog bed inside, vacuum it to eliminate remaining pet hair. A quick run with the lint roller removes stubborn fur that clings to the fabric.

Washing the Dog Bed

Sometimes regular shake-ups and vacuums won’t be enough, and for this reason you’ll need to wash the dog bed. Do this about once a month and when the weather is warm and sunny.

Step 1. Vacuum the dog bed cover and give the lint roller a go. Remove the cover and shake it vigorously outside to dislodge dirt, dander and debris.

Step 2. Soak the bed cover with hot water for 15 minutes. Afterwards, wring it out to remove excess water.

Step 3. Put the cover in your washing machine, then set the water to cold and add the detergent. Let it run its course, then dry it outside under the sun.

Step 4. Before bringing the bed back, vacuum up any loose fur and dirt in the spot.

Take the time to regularly clean your dog’s bed and you’ll be rewarded with a happy pooch and a clean-smelling home. You can also hire a professional cleaner to help with cleaning. Call us to get Cascade Maids started on refreshing your home from dog bed odors.

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