How To Clean Baseboards

How To Clean Baseboards

You probably never think about your baseboards unless you’re making sure you’re house is clean before friends or family come over. But they can get pretty gross if you don’t keep them clean. They should definitely be worked into your cleaning routine to ensure a completely clean home. Lucky for us, they’re pretty easy to clean! Though you do need to move your stuff around. Here’s what you can do to keep your baseboards clean:

Cleaning Filthy Baseboards

You’re going to need a couple hours to clean your baseboards if you haven’t touched them in a while. Bring a bucket of water, a microfiber cloth, some dish soap, cotton swabs, and something to keep your knees from aching like a yoga mat, blanket, or towel. You can also bring a vacuum cleaner if you like.

Get someone to help you move furniture

Use a microfiber cloth or your vacuum to pick up any dust caked to the baseboard. Lean on the yoga mat to help your knees
Fill your bucket with 2 quarts of warm water and a couple drops of dish soap.
Moisten your microfiber cloth so it’s damp, but not sopping wet. A cloth that’s dripping wet, won’t clean as well.
Wipe the baseboards down, changing water as needed.
Use the cotton swabs to get into the finer details.
Use fans to dry baseboards quickly then replace the furniture.

Keeping Your Baseboards Clean

Luckily, it’s a lot easier to keep your baseboards clean. Here are a couple ways to keep them looking nice. Make sure you clean either weekly or every other week.
Microfiber cloth: All you have to do is move your furniture and wipe the baseboards down. Easy!
Vacuum attachment: Don’t want to get on your hands and knees? Use your vacuum to quickly pick up any dust.
Sock and a yardstick: Do you have a knee injury that makes it hard to move around? Just grab a yardstick and put a sock over it and there you go! A quick way to clean. Make sure you use a microfiber sock since wool and cotton aren’t very good duster. Believe it or not, microfiber socks are easier to find than you’d think they’d be.

If you aren’t up to it you can get professional cleaners to help. Call your local cleaners today!

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