How To Make Infused Vinegar at Your Home

How To Make Infused Vinegar at Your Home

White vinegar doesn’t smell good. Lots of people will agree with me. So, you should know some tricks to make your vinegar scented. Fortunately, there is an easy way to drive away that pickle like smell. It’s a natural way and it’s not so expensive.

Things That You will Need

White Vinegar
A Funnel
A Peeler (fruit and vegetable)
Fresh Herbs and citrus fruit peels. Lemon and lavender are my favorite. Clove buds are also good. I have used them with lemon.
A mason jar with a tight lid or you can also have spray bottles.

Follow These Simple Steps

1) You Should wash the fruit and the herbs. Then, you have to dry them.

2) Now you need some zest from the citrus fruit. So, use a peeler and scrape off some zest. You should remember that the bright colored part of the fruit’s skin contains all the essential oils. Hence, you should scrape off from that bright-colored section. Don’t scrape off from the light-colored fruit skin.

3) Next, take the jar and put citrus peels into it. You should also add herbs into the jar.

4) After that, you need a funnel. Now pour the white vinegar into the jar or bottle (through the funnel).
A Tip – I take a glass spray bottle. I pour vinegar into the bottle and fill it halfway. Then before using it, I fill the entire bottle with water (filtered).

5) The essential oils in the citrus peel should dissolve in the vinegar. But the process may take some time. Hence, you should keep the mixture in a cool and dark place. You can keep it for a day or a week. As a result, the smell of the white vinegar will vanish.

6) Now you have to filter the peelings. So, use a strainer to separate the peelings. You can take the help of the funnel to strain it properly. The peelings can be used to clean the garbage disposal. So, don’t throw them away. You can also use cold water or ice cubes to enhance the cleaning process. Apart from that, you can keep the citrus fruit skins and the herbs in the jar or bottle. If you are going to use the mixture within a couple of weeks, then you shouldn’t strain the herbs.

7) Keep the solution in a spray bottle. You can also use a sealed bottle to keep the vinegar. Then use it. But now you would smell a different vinegar. The fragrance of the vinegar will please you.

To have the best cleaning you should mix 50% water with 50% vinegar. You can use vinegar to wash your bathroom. You can strain the infused vinegar and then you can use it as a fabric softener. In short, you can use vinegar to clean many places. But, vinegar is acidic (in nature). So, you shouldn’t use it on the stone surfaces.

So, how is it? Isn’t it truly easy to make? It’s a great way to make an affordable infused vinegar that smells so good. It’s a completely natural process. Hence, it’s safe. I would love to share more DIY cleaning tips – just visit Cascade Maids or just call us.

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