Some Useful Tips on Organizing and Cleaning a Refrigerator and Freezer

Some Useful Tips on Organizing and Cleaning a Refrigerator and Freezer

You should always keep your refrigerator and freezer clean and organized. It will make your refrigerator and freezer look better. Moreover, you can also prepare your meals faster.
But the first step is to clean your refrigerator. Because without a clean refrigerator, you can’t organize it. Hence, you should be ready to clean your refrigerator properly. Now, you can clean your refrigerator and freezer on different days. Only the freezer needs a different washing process.

Step By Step Cleaning Process Of The Refrigerator and Freezer

Empty your refrigerator and freezer
You have to unload every item from your refrigerator and freezer. Now, check all the dates. Some food products may have expired its dates. So, separate them and throw them into your trash can.

Pick the items which will go back to the freezer/fridge categories
Vegetables, beverages, fruit, dairy products or condiments, leftovers and meal prep should return to the freezer. Keep sweets on the left door and on the right door, keep savory or whatever you choose.

Remove all the shelves
You can clean these shelves and the drawers under your sink. You should clean them well. Then, you have to dry them.
A Tip – You may not know how to remove the shelves. In that case, ‘Google’ can help you. Even you can search on YouTube. If you watch a video it will be easier for you to remove the shelves.

Wipe inside the refrigerator and freezer

Refrigerator – Take a bowl of warm water. Put a drop of Castile soap into the bowl. Now, you can use baking soda if your fridge stinks. You can use a teaspoon of baking soda. Usually, this is a great mixture to clean the fridge.

Freezer – To clean the freezer, you can use a bar mop towel. The towel should be damp. But you shouldn’t use water and soap mixture to clean your freezer.

Clean the attachment and vacuum it
You can use alcohol to clean the attachment. Dirt and dog hair gathers up in this section. Hence, you can rub alcohol to clean it.

Clean tough spots with a toothpick
Seals of the refrigerator and freezer may have some narrow places. To clean these places you can use a toothpick. But you should use it in a parallel way. Otherwise, it may damage the seals.

A Quick Tip – You should make a routine to clean your fridge at least once a week. This habit will help you to keep your fridge clean. Moreover, ‘food waste’ will no more be a problem for you.

Follow These Tips To Organize Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Now, you shouldn’t throwback all the items inside your refrigerator and freezer. You can keep different items in different zones. It may not be easy for you to remember the zones. In that case, you can use sticky notes. You can also follow my ideas to organize your refrigerator and freezer.

You can easily organize the food items inside the freezer and if you would rather leave the cleaning to Cascade Maids don’t hesitate to call.

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