6 House Chores You Can Do Within 10 Minutes

6 House Chores You Can Do Within 10 Minutes

Do you believe it is impossible to make a striking impression on how you handle chore in your home? More so, you think that this is an impossible feat to do under ten minutes?

It is easy for you to get lost in times when there are idle pockets of time in your busy schedule that you can use to make serious headway regarding a few of home responsibilities that are waiting for you. Do not put them off, but consider implementing the following tips:

  1. Cleaning ceiling fan blades
    How to: For ceilings fan installed at the standard ceiling height, cleaning them will require covering your hair before going up the stepladder with a duster in hand to wipe the blades of the fans. For those installed in high ceilings, then you will need to attach the duster to an extension rod that can reach the fans.

How often: It should be a once every three-four months task.

2. Cleaning garbage disposal
How to: Have the cold water running as you empty around three or so trays of ice into the sink. Ensure that you do this as you feed the ice cubes down the disposal as fast as the machine breaks them. Allow the tap to run for about a minute or so after the last cubs are crumbled.

How often: It should be done monthly

3. Cleaning refrigerator coils
How to: Before unsnapping the grill to reach the coils of your fridge, you should unplug the machine from the power source. Start cleaning by vacuuming dust, fibers, and dirt that may have accumulated. Then use coil-cleaning brushed to scrub and loosen any stubborn debris and vacuum again. You can get the brushes from the hardware stores.

How often: It should be done three or four times a year.

4. Changing or emptying the vacuum bag
How to: When using the vacuum, run it for around 30 seconds after using it so that all the dirt is filtered into the bin. When removing the disposable bags, for models with such an option, ensure the hole in the bag is covered to prevent dirt from escaping. For the models with a reusable bin, you should pop it out, and then get rid of the dust before rinsing it with hot water and putting it back in place.

How often: At least once a month if you have to vacuum frequently because of the pets or kids.

5. Rotating your mattresses
You need to take off the beddings and then vacuum the top and bottom of the mattress using an upholstery attachment. Wipe it if necessary and then flip it head to toe and left to right for an even wear.

How often: Do it every six months.

6. Changing HVAC air filters
How to: The filters in our air conditioning system will accumulate dirt and debris over time and need cleaning from time to time. Subsequently, they will need replacing even if they are clean; old filters are less effective. When installing the new filter, it should face the correct direction as illustrated on the back or the front of the filter.

How often: It can be once every 1 – 3 months, but it also depends on the type of filter installed.

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