Spring Cleaning With Children

Spring Cleaning With Children

Spring has arrived once again! Along with enjoying the singing birds and blooming flowers, you most likely are eager to give your house a thorough spring cleaning.  However, it can be tricky to get deep house cleaning done when you have small kids at home – especially when your children start to play inside the room right after you have finished straightening up.

Our Cascade Maids house cleaning experts can ensure that your cleaning is done properly, and get your year off to a good start. Whether you are just starting to clean your spare closet or don’t have the time to begin, we can provide a personalized and thorough cleaning to supplement whatever spring cleaning you do on your own.

Over the years, we also have selected a couple of tricks and tips to help you get your spring cleaning done while your children are at home. The following are some of the top cleaning tips that a busy parent will want to know.

Top Spring Cleaning Tips For Parents

Capitalize on the power provided by teamwork.

It can be an overwhelming task just getting your children to do their daily chores whether it is getting your teenagers to clean their rooms or having your toddlers put their toys away. Fortunately, spring cleaning provides the ideal opportunity to get your children more involved around your home by turning your family’s chores into a special team-building event!

For small children, get the process started by assigning small tasks to them with a parent nearby to supervise. Your 4-year-old could dush the baseboards or polish the fixtures on the sink, while Mom is scouring the bathtub. Older children also can be responsible for one or two rooms or help outdoors in the fresh air. Their job can be done much faster, and your children will gain some valuable cleaning lessons as well.

Turn your clean chores into a fun game.    

Are you have a hard time getting your kids on board with your spring cleaning project? Change things up by turning your cleaning into a fun game, including having a big reward once the job is done. Offer to take your children to their favorite restaurant once all of the cleaning chores get done, or plan a trip for the entire family to visit a local theme park.

After everyone has voted on your family goal, get all of the individual and shared tasks assigned, and also smaller rewards when the job is done well. They will be a lot more likely to help one another, without cutting corners.

Keep your kids engaged  

When you don’t have enough energy or time to create a complete cleaning plan, there are numerous ways your children out of the way, without them being out of sight. Set them up with a playdate, art project, or game, to keep them entertained while you are working. To ensure they stay safe, take turns checking on your children, or provide an older kid with an incentive for watching their younger siblings.

Hire a trusted sitter or nanny to help.

We understand: once your kids start to goof off or fight, you need to have peace and quiet so that you can focus on tasks that are more time-consuming. If you are feeling like tearing your hair out, consider hiring a nanny for a day. From park visits to museum trips, an older family member or babysitter can transform the day in a thrilling adventure for your kids, while you have much needed time for concentrating on the tasks that you want to get done. It really is a win-win situation!

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