6 Tips To Organize Your Closet And Maximize The Storage Space

6 Tips To Organize Your Closet And Maximize The Storage Space

To get your closet organized and clutter-free, you need to implement a couple of organization ideas. In light of this, below are six quick-fix tips you can use when doing your spring cleaning to get your closet neat and organized and keep it that way throughout the year.

Set A Solid Plan

You should have a solid plan that will see your priorities your spring cleaning, and it should include organizing your closet. If not, then you may find yourself procrastinating the idea and pushing it to the side every week. Soon spring will be at the door, and your closet will still be a mess.

Declutter Your Wardrobe Closet

The strategy is to organize your closet and maximize the storage space but purging it of the disorganization. You should start by sorting your clothes and shoes to get rid of what you rarely wear and do not need. Consider donating what it is still in good condition as opposed to tossing everything into the trash bins.

Shed Some Light On Closet Storage

Most closets rarely have any bright lighting, and some have none at all. To get it right when organizing your wardrobe, you need to see what you are doing. Therefore, you should install some lights or replace the bulbs if they are dim. If you are not thinking of installing the lights, then you can opt to use an adhesive LED touch to help brighten up the space and make your work easier.

Embrace The Power Of Color Coding

When planning your closet, you should arrange your clothes and shoes based on a particular system. For instance, you can opt to use color coding. It is a concept that will hardly go out of fashion. It can save you time when sifting through your clothes to find what to wear.

Use Space Wisely

Your closet will have some unused space and surfaces that you can utilize to maximize storage. For instance, the walls in many closets are underutilized. Installing some shelves on them will see you use the vertical space. Below are some additional ideas for making the most of the available area:

• Fix shelves on the walls and the sides of the closet to place folded clothes.

• Use the surface on the back of closet doors to hang your scarves, neckties, purses, and jewelry.

• Hang the bulky item on the inner sides of the closet or place some on the upper shelf.

• If there is enough room, you can install a second rod on which to hang the smaller things such as your ties, shorts, tees, and some shoes.

• When handing the clothes, consider using add-on hangers to that you can cascade what you hang to maximize the space.

• You can bring in a stepstool to help declutter the closet floors.

Maximize Space With Containers

You can use containers to enhance the storage options in your closet. Consider using the clear one so that you can see the content, such as the shoes you often have on the floor. Therefore, these storage options will help you clear the floor and keep you from rummaging around at the bottom of the closet. The container also presents an opportunity to sort your clothes and other times and store them separately for easy identification and access when you step into the closet.

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