Practical Tips For Cleaning Marble Floors And Countertops

Practical Tips For Cleaning Marble Floors And Countertops

When it comes to interior design, and regarding surfaces, then marble is one of the top materials of choice. Its popularity is partly due to is classic, eternal beauty. Marble is a type of stone that adds elegance to any surface. It is slightly expensive compared to other materials and needs special care to retain its beauty and last long.

Quick Tips On Cleaning Marble:

You need to keep a few things in mind when it comes to cleaning your marble floors and countertops. First, you should check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you are using the recommended products to that you do not void the warranty.

Regarding the cleaning products to use, you should never use acidic or abrasive cleaners. Such cleaners will contain citrus, vinegar, or lemon. Never use these cleaning products on marble or any other type of stone surface. The acidic nature of these cleaners can damage your floors and countertops robbing them of their beauty.

How To Clean Marble Floors

Being a porous stone, cleaning marble should be done using a gentle cleaning solution that has a neutral pH to avoid damaging the finishing. As such, you will find different cleaners specifically made for cleaning marble surfaces.

If the surface does not have any grime or stains, then you can wash it using plain water and a soft mop. You do have to dry the surfaces thoroughly to avoid creating watermarks. You can opt to do this using another dry, soft mop or a large microfiber towel for the best results.

Turn to the cleaning solution when you start noticing the floors and countertops looking drab; make sure the solution has a neutral pH.

What You Need For Cleaning

The things you will need to clean your marble surfaces effectively are:

• Ammonia (or mild dishwashing liquid)

• A bucket of warm water

• A mop

• A large microfiber towel

The Steps To Take

  1. You will take about half a cup of ammonia or the dishwashing liquid and mix it with a gallon of warm water in a bucket.
  2. The proceed to dip the mop into the bucket and wring it a bit before you use it to mop the floor. Remember to rinse the floors using plain water, and wringing the mop regularly as you do rinse.
  3. Immediately after that, you will use the microfiber towel to dry the surface to prevent watermarks from appearing.

How To Clean Marble Countertops

Always consider washing your countertops with warm plain water and a microfiber cloth if there is not grime, dried spills, or stain on the surface. And do not forget to use a fresh microfiber cloth to dry the marble.

What You Need For Cleaning

• Warm water

• Gentle dishwashing liquid

• Microfiber cloths

• A plastic spatula

The Steps To Take

  1. You will mix about half a cup of the dishwashing liquid with a gallon of clean, warm water in a bucket. Then proceed to dip the microfiber in the solution and wring it so that it is damp.
  2. You will use the damp cloth to wipe the countertops and remember to rinse using plain warm water, wringing out the microfiber cloth regularly.
  3. For the stubborn grime and gunk, you will need to wrap the microfiber cloth around a plastic spatula then use it while applying gent pressure to get rid of the residue.
  4. Once you are done with washing the marble countertops, use a fresh, dry microfiber cloth to dry the surface.

Dealing With Stains From Marble

Avoid using the standard stain removers; that includes using any bleach.

What you need to do is to determine the nature of the stain (what caused the discoloration). It will help know the method to use for getting rid of the stain.

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