7 Areas You Probably Have Not Cleaned For A While

7 Areas You Probably Have Not Cleaned For A While

Even if you are very diligent about cleaning your home on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, there are some areas that tend to get overlooked quite often.

Bed frames. Take off the mattress and lift up the bed springs. There is a good chance that there are some big dust bunnies hiding in the areas where the box springs bit in the bed frame.

Chimneys/wood stoves/fireplaces. The very last thing that you need is to have a chimney fire after lighting up a crackling, cozy blaze for the first time of the season. It is critical to have your furnace and fireplace flues checked on a regular basis for cracks that can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, this is definitely a job that should be done by chimney professionals. Also, test the batteries in your Co and smoke detectors and replace them as necessary.

HVAC vents and filters. These are typically located in areas that you cannot either easily reach or see, which results in us often forgetting to replace and/or clean them. It is now probably the best time of year to contact your local HVAC professional for regular maintenance since it tends to be a lull time in between urgent calls for fixing broken home heating and A/C systems.

Dryer line vents. This is something we mention on a regular basis. Untended dry lint poses a fire hazard. Therefore, make sure you get it done to keep your home and family safe. If the vent tube is caked up seriously with lint, you should replace it. If you haven’t done it n a while, unplug the machine, take the tube off, and vacuum collected lint away there as well.

Light fixtures. With the days getting darker and shorter, you can maximize your home’s brightness by ensuring that your overhead sconces and light fixtures are clean. This also gives you the chance to clear away bug bodes from the summer.

Windows and walls. Both are messy, large jobs that require techniques, the right tools, and knowledge – so this is another job where it is best to have professionals do so you can enjoy the remaining fall weather.

Underneath the cushions. You might vacuum around once per week, but when did you last vacuum underneath all of the cushions and in all of the nooks and crannies of all of your upholstered sofas and chairs? You might be surprised at the number of crumbs, dust, and lost items that have accumulated there. You may even make a couple of dollars in loose change!

Cascade Maids have the tools to do all this and more. Give us a call to get us started cleaning.

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