All-Purpose Cleaners: All You Need to Know

All-Purpose Cleaners: All You Need to Know

All-purpose cleaners are designed to meet many of your cleaning needs. These are safe and will not cause major harm to your young kids and pets. You can use all-purpose cleaners to clean sinks, hard floors, or tiles. But you will have to consider the following things to get the best outcome.

Alkalinity/ Acidity

An all-purpose cleaner is the one that comes within the category of one to fourteen pH scales. When it is slightly acidic, the pH levels will be 6 and the neutral will be around 7pH and the slightly alkaline level will have 8 pH levels. You can consider using alkaline cleaners for organic grimes that include greases, oil, and dirt. For inorganic stains, you can use acidic cleaners. Inorganic stains such as rust, calcium deposits, or soap bond can be removed by acid-leaning cleaners. Your dishwashing liquid will have a 6-8 pH scale, and that can meet most of your cleaning needs.

Safety Issues

All-purpose cleaners are considered a safer choice. They will not harm your elderly parents, pets, and kids. Also, they will not aggravate the existing respiratory issues if chosen properly. You need to follow some precautions to prevent an unpredictable situation. When the pH range is between six and eight, you might experience skin and eye burning. Some manufacturers are also using harmful chemicals without labeling them. Therefore, it is suggested to use mild all-purpose cleaning solutions and focus on regular cleaning to maintain the cleanliness.

Natural, Plant-based, or Synthetic Cleaners

Needless to mention, most effective cleaners contain harmful chemicals. When some contain synthetic, others rely on plant-based chemicals. Even if it is labeled as plant-based, it does not mean that the solution is a safer option than synthetics. You should invest in an all-purpose cleaner that is effective to offer optimal cleaning without leaving residue. You should always avoid the one that leaves residues since these residues can be dangerous. More importantly, these are not visible and can cause some health issues.

Residue/ Streaking

When the solution is streaking, then it is a good sign that the cleaner is made to leave residues. These residues are harmful and can produce particles causing mold and bacteria growth. If you notice that your cleaned surface is dirty, then you should realize that the all-purpose cleaner is leaving residues, or a thorough rinsing is not done. When not rinsed properly, these chemicals can bond with dirt and oils.

Easy Usage Vs Costs

The all-purpose cleaners are versatile. These are available in different forms. You can find sprays, liquids, pre-diluted, concentrated, and pre-treated solutions. The price will vary depending on the cleaner. Also, you will find gentle or harsh cleaning solutions. Gentle options need to sit for a longer time to offer the desired cleaning. You can choose any cleaner depending on the price and convenience. Always go with environmental-friendly and safer options.

Wrapping Up

All-purpose cleaners can be safer alternatives to harmful chemicals. Though these are safe and easy to use, you should follow some safety measures mentioned above to maintain the cleanliness of your home without causing any harm to your family. Let a cleaning professional help you with your cleaning needs. Reach out to us for more information.

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