Bedroom Furniture – How To Properly Clean Them

Bedroom Furniture – How To Properly Clean Them

In most homes, when it comes to bedroom furniture, the bed is the center of attraction and the most used. Of course, the bedroom contains other furniture or belongings, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed by just trying to figure out where you should start cleaning.

Worry not because below is a basic bedroom furniture cleaning tips. These tips will give you an idea of where you need to stand, places you should always clean, and how to plan your cleaning process.

How To Clean Bedroom Furniture?

Before you start cleaning, it is wise to gather your cleaning supplies like a vacuum cleaner, cleaning microfiber cloth, duster, a spray bottle of water, and others. This is not a challenging task, but it is only a way to prepare yourself.

After doing this, you are now ready to clean.


Dusting is the first step of cleaning bedroom furniture. Just like any other furniture in your home, bedroom furniture does collect dust over time. Furniture such as bookshelves is mostly known to contain a lot of dust because they are rarely cleaned. For this reason, when dusting, you should work your way from the top to the bottom.

In the case of cleaning your bookshelf, you should remove all books from top to bottom and place them somewhere on the floor. Depending on the amount of dust you find, you have the option of using either a duster or wiping with a lightly dampened microfiber cloth.

If the shelf contains light dust, then a duster or damp cloth is fine. In case of heavy dust, a vacuum or several dump cloths will do the work. Remember, there may be a small pile of dust on the floor when you finish dusting. Use your vacuum to clean.


Wiping should be your second step. Wiping helps eliminate dust and spills. Therefore, cleaning should begin from top to bottom, and you should do it to every item in your bedroom. To do this effectively, clear movable items and place them somewhere in the room for convenience. You should wipe everything clean including its sides, bottom, and legs (like in a desk). Vacuum things like chairs because they contain fabric seat.

• Cleaning The Dresser and Nightstand

Just like the way you will clean any other furniture or desk, you should clean your dresser. The process is similar. Remove everything and then clean.

After you have cleaned everything in the room, you should return everything where they were such as books on the shelf. However, before returning them, wipe or dust them first. After this, now you can begin working on the floor.


Remember, the tip above is simply a cleaning basic, aimed at showing you the steps one should take when cleaning. The basic principle is simply starting from the top to the bottom. Dusting or vacuuming makes the cleaning process easy for you. As such, there isn’t a huge difference between cleaning bedroom furniture and living room furniture. For this reason, there is no point keeping your bedroom furniture dusty, whereas cleaning is easy. Cascade Maids can help you with your cleaning needs. Call us today.

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