Ever wondered on how you can keep your house sparkling clean season after season? Well, worry no more. Whether your maid is the one doing the cleaning or you, house cleaning is more fun when done season after season. Here are incredible tips for you!


We all know that winter is a very cold season which is mostly associated with flu and other viruses. These viruses can end up causing serious diseases and eventually death. To prevent this, you need to put in extra effort to curb the viruses from making their way into your home. Some of the amazing ways you can use to keep your home clean during this season is;

To keep the floor cleaner and free from germs, make sure you remove your shoes at the door and you can even go an extra mile to disinfect the sole.

Hard surfaces like kitchen counter tops, refrigerator handles, food preparation areas should be properly sanitized to prevent the spread of germs.

The house need to be mopped often during this season especially using hot or warm water and few drops of Clorox to curb the spread of virus and germs.


The winter season is over and the house is probably filled with ashes from the fireplace and use of furnaces. The first and most important thing you need to do is to clean the air, because the more the ashes sit there, the more they fill the house as dust. Carefully collect the ashes and put them in a trash bag and make sure you dispose them off. Vacuum the house later for fresh and clean air.

If you have been using the old system of air filter you need to upgrade to a new and improved version of high efficiency particulate air filter. This will definitely improve the quality of the air in the house.

If the water heater in your house has any particular particle or sediments you need to remove them to make sure they are in very good condition to function well.
Check out for any maintenance needed on the Window, whether there are cracked panes that need repair and make sure you wipe them thoroughly both inside and outside.

Numerous number of people only remember to do cleaning inside the house forgetting the compound outside the house. Well, get rid of any clutters around the garage if you have one and make sure it is well organized. If you have any outdoor furniture, carefully wash them and if there are any damages on them, call the maintenance person to come and repair them.


Summers are associated with heat and high humidity, clean the bathroom at least twice or thrice a week to prevent mold from thriving in there. Make sure you leave the bathroom door during the day or when it’s not in use.

Sanitize all the garbage cans in the house to kill all the microorganisms. Other times, you can use baking soda in dry trash cans to kill all the bad smell and reduce moisture which causes the bacteria that brings about bad odor.

Summer time means windows should be open most of the times, make sure they are well cleaned and should be functioning properly. The sliding doors should be well greased with silicone spray to enhance easy sliding.

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