Important Safety Measures During Cleaning

Important Safety Measures During Cleaning

When most people set out on a house cleaning mission they are concerned some obvious things like; when last the bathroom was had a comprehensive scrub or whether they have adequate time to clean their fridge before their favorite TV or webinar show commences. Only a few people pause to think about cleaning safety and the measures they should take. Nevertheless, cleaning safety is an important topic when conducting routine house cleaning.

It is common knowledge that some cleaners should not be mixed and that unplugging your garbage disposal before cleaning is necessary. But certain practices never come to mind.

Some Jobs Require Two People

Although the majority of housework can be handled by one person certain tasks demand the involvement of two people.

Moving large furniture: Request for assistance when lifting heavy furniture or moving a fridge to scrub behind it. Your health and safety is a priority. Do not risk your health when cleaning!

Cleaning high places: Ensure that there is a helping hand to hold the ladder firmly or keep it in position when you are wiping ceiling fans, light fixtures, the tops of cabinets or bringing down drapes.

Safeguard Your Eyes

While cleaning there will be dust particles floating in the air, debris flying and suspended particles of products in the air. All of these items are harmful to your eyes, so ensure that you engage in astute cleaning safety. Done protective eye gear and keep sprays bottles at a distance from your face. Also, make it a routine to confirm that nozzles are pointed in the correct direction (that is, away from your face) before you use a cleaning agent.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

This is a key cleaning safety measure. A lot of cleaning mishaps happen when people are too concentrated on what they are doing without watching their surroundings. As you clean, be cognizant of your location and what is within your immediate presence. For instance, be keen on cords as you vacuum to avoid tripping on them and hurting yourself.

When cleaning stairways move from the top downwards, ensure that you stand on your side to minimize your risk of falling. Also, be cautious of buckets of water that can spill on the floor and take note of slippery floor sections.

Organize Your Cleaning Gear

Keeping all your gear at a central point enables you to better watch the surroundings. If you have assembled all the tools and products you need for cleaning at a single place, you do not need to move around the house as you clean. This ensures efficient cleaning and reduces the chances of accidents, as you are operating within a limited area.

Remember Cleaners are Chemicals

Many commercial cleaning agents are made from toxic chemicals that can cause illnesses if you inhale them or lead to burns if they come in contact with the skin.

If possible, adopt additional precautions, such as ensuring proper ventilation by turning on fans and opening windows.

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