Choosing A Vacuum Cleaner: Bagless Or Bagged?

Choosing A Vacuum Cleaner: Bagless Or Bagged?

The vacuum is first in line when it comes to cleaning floors today. Regardless of whether you have marble, tile, carpet or hardwood flooring, this is often the case. When it comes to getting the best cleaning results, what is the best vacuum to use? Is it the bagless or bagged variety?

To settle the bagless or bagged vacuum debate, once and for all, read the following advantages and disadvantages on each.

The Bagged Vacuum Cleaning Machines

The collected dirt is trapped in replaceable vacuum bags.

Main Advantages

The bag traps the allergens, debris and dirt collected by the cleaner.

Upon the removal of the bag, the contents remain in place.

These bags have enough capacity to hold a couple of pound of dirt and dust particles depending on the model under consideration.

There is no need to clean the filter as it is part of the bag.

In most cases, the process of replacing the bag is straightforward.


In most cases, the bags need to be replaced every now and then as they are not reusable.

When the bag is full the performance of the vacuum cleaner decreases.

Finding replacement bags may become problematic if the model or brand stops being produced.

Every time you vacuum through a highly dusty space, or after every month, you might need to change the bag.

Your housecleaning process might be disrupted for a substantial amount of time if you need to change the bag midway through a cleaning session.

The Bagless Vacuum Cleaning Machines

Bagless vacuum cleaners come in a variety of dimensions and designs. You can even find robot bagless vacuum cleaners.  


They eliminate the need to buy replacements or having to stop midway through vacuuming sessions to change bags.

By eliminating the need to replace bags, these vacuums can be considered to be more pocket friendly.

You can go for up to six months with one HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter.

The elimination of the use of bags also means that you no longer have worry about disposing off used bags, and their resulting environmental impact.

Since emptying them is straightforward, you no longer need to stop vacuuming for extended periods of time when they get full midway through your vacuuming session.


You need to brush, wash and dry the filters used in bagless vacuum machines.

HEPA filters, though not used in all models, need replacement every now and then.

When emptying bagless vacuums you often have to deal with a lot of dust and dirt being kicked into the surrounding air.

You might have to vacuum through some of the areas you already vacuumed due to this dirt and dust kickback.

Bagless Or Bagged, Which Should You Choose?

There is actually no better option when it comes to the choice between bagless or bagged vacuum cleaners. Whether you need to clean out allergens, the type of floors in question, your cleaning routine and your lifestyle all play a role in determining your best fit.  

Be sure to look at the tips on how to vacuum the correct way to ensure that you work as effectively as possible, regardless of whether you prefer bagged or bagless vacuum cleaners. You can then look into learning how to clean your vacuum cleaner afterwards.

Contact your local Cascade Maids if your schedule does not leave you much time for vacuuming let alone changing bags or cleaning it. You can kick back and relax as we handle all your housekeeping needs. You can give us a call and talk to our experts today!

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