Use These Five Facts To Ensure Your House Is Clean During Flu Season

Use These Five Facts To Ensure Your House Is Clean During Flu Season

It is a well-known fact that applying hygienic practices such as cleaning can massively reduce one’s chances of catching a flu. However, there is still a decent chance that you might contract an infectious disease regardless of the cleaning you do. For instance, cleaning is a preventative measure that accounts for both efficiency and realism. With that in mind, the following are five facts regarding the cleaning of houses during a flu breakout season.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting are not the Same

For long, both these measures of cleaning have been used interchangeably however, they are not the same. Sanitizing is meant to kill bacteria while disinfecting is meant to annihilate viruses causing germs and other types of fungi. Now you understand where the confusion stems from. Disinfecting is almost 1000 times more efficient when it comes to eliminating viruses, bacteria and other fungi causing germs as compared to sanitizing.

Hospitals are always on disinfecting whether it is flu season or not

Health institutions always maintain around the clock disinfecting policy regardless of the intensity of flu season or high-risk individuals have been compromised health-wise. People at high risk of contracting the flu are young toddlers, elders, and people with compromised immunity. You are better off improving your immune system naturally by having a proper diet, getting adequate sleep and exercising. Save the ‘overkill’ measures when the flu season hits the fan. And when it does, pay close attention to areas such as doorknobs, handles, toilets and other places people use collectively.

Disinfectants and Sanitizers Kill Up to 99% of Germs Causing Diseases

As written on labels and marketing campaigns, all of these products don’t kill all viruses and bacteria rather 99.9% of them. It would be a false claim if one of the sanitizing companies claimed to kill all viruses and bacteria. You are better off reading the label to find out which solution kills which type of bacteria and viruses causing germs and diseases.

You Can’t Use Disinfectants and Sanitizers on Dirty Surfaces.

Using the disinfectants and sanitizers to wash clothes or mop the house would be using the product in vain because that is not what they were intended to do. They are effective when used to clean hands. Did you know that dirt and debris can prevent the solution from effectively reaching the bacteria and viruses? They do this by creating a screen or layer that makes it impenetrable for the solution to effectively do its job.

Instead, you will be better of if you are thoroughly clean before disinfecting surfaces.
Lastly, Follow the instructions on the Product Label to Maximize its Efficiency
It is important to use the product as intended by the manufacturer and other developers. This is the only way you can be certain of its effectiveness in the fight against pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

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