Cleaning With Bleach – How To Clean Safely

Cleaning With Bleach – How To Clean Safely

Is bleach safe? This is the million-dollar question. The truth is that bleach can be used safely to clean, especially countertops, keyboards, trash cans, sinks, toilets, floors, phones, desks, and light switches.

How To Clean Using Bleach

The thing to remember about cleaning with bleach is that; a little of it goes a long way. Bleach is effective in cleaning when diluted by water. In other words, bleach should be diluted in a lot of water.

Laundry Cleaning

You should never add pure bleach directly to your clothes, even if you are washing whites. That is because the bleach will leave stains. Rather, consider adding about ¾ bleach cup to the washer’s bleach dispenser. Consider soaking the whites in ¼ cup of bleach with one gallon of water for about 10 minutes to remove tough stains.

Highly diluted bleach can be used on light colors, such as grays. However, you have first to ensure the fabric is safe for the bleach. Always spot test fabrics before using bleach to clean.

Bathroom Cleaning

The thing about bleach it is great for cleaning the bathroom. It can be used in cleaning the showers, sink, tubs, toilets, tile walls, and anything found in the bathroom. In other words, it can be used to clean basically everything in the bathroom from top to bottom.

To clean your bathroom, mix ½ cup of bleach with one gallon of water and wipe everything. After 10 minutes, wipe using warm water. To disinfect the toilet, pour ½ cup of bleach into the bowl and scrub using a toilet brush. Then wait for 5 minutes and then flush.

Kitchen Cleaning

The best thing is that kitchen surfaces can be cleaned with bleach, even sealed granite countertops. You will need ½ cup of bleach per gallon of water. Apply the solution and then wait for 5 minutes and then rinse. Let it air dry. You can use the solution inside the refrigerator and sink.


Bleach is not compatible with other cleaning solutions. For this reason, you should never mix them. For example, mixing bleach with vinegar produces chlorine gas, which burns the eyes and creates breathing problems. Leave it to the professional cleaners to get the job done. Don’t hesitate to call us.

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