Keep Your Home Clean This Summer

Keep Your Home Clean This Summer

Summer is here, which means that your kids are home from school, lounging about and enjoying the warm weather. Summer activities can also leave their mark on your home, leaving you wishing the mess was gone and your kids were back in school.

Consider the following tips to reclaim a bit of the clean routine you’re used to:

Turn gardening into a family activity.

Is your lovely vegetable patch beginning to cook in the summer heat? If your backyard is beginning to look a little rough, consider calling in the troops and rewarding them for their efforts. Consider offering a small amount of money for weeding the garden or mowing the lawn, or offer the option to work towards a specific reward.

Rinse off after water play.

For some individuals, nothing says “summer” quite like the smell of chlorine, but lingering traces left on bedding and clothing may not be as enjoyable. Whether your children were playing in the sprinkler, your family pool, or out at the community pool with friends, it’s important to instruct them to rinse off in the shower with their swimsuit on to remove lingering traces of chlorine.

Design a chore chart for summer.

Chances are you already have a chore chart hanging on the wall in your home, or possibly sitting on a shelf unused. It’s well worth the time to create an updated version for the summer, making sure that each child in your home is responsible for helping with the daily cleaning. Include a creative reward daily or weekly to help them stay on task.

Limit stains from ice cream and popsicles with a stain removing solution.

Summer treats are fun for everyone, but their brightly colored stains can be difficult to remove. There is, however, a simple stain remover that may help you get rid of the sticky evidence. Mix up a cup of warm water, add lemon juice and a teaspoon of vinegar, and then use a microfiber cloth to rub the stain in a circle with the remover. You may be able to keep the stain from setting into your soft furnishings and clothing.

Organize your laundry room for the perfect summer.

Since a lot of summer messes begin with clothing, fabrics, mud, and stains, it’s important that your laundry room is ready for the task. Separate your clothes by color, buy extra stain remover, and think about reorganizing your laundry area to make extra room for wet swimsuits and damp towels.

Keep outdoor supplies near the door.

Keep a basket near your door with hats, sun gear, sunscreen, and bug repellant so that it’s ready to hit the road with your children. Get your children in the habit of getting ready to prepare for the sun and outdoor weather before they leave, so that you can keep the mess spread through your home as limited as possible.

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