How to Clean those Forgotten Appliances

How to Clean those Forgotten Appliances

Your oven, fridge, and freezer, can feel and look dirty often, therefore they probably get cleaned on a regular basis. But, your small appliances, you know the ones that are used almost every single day, may get completely forgotten. Here are some tips to clean these small appliances.

The Toaster
First, make sure the toaster is unplugged. Next, use a toothbrush and loosen any crumbs or bits that may be stuck to the wires inside of the toaster. Check to see if your toaster model has a crumb tray. If it does, remove and clean. Then, flip the toaster over. Do this so the crumbs fall into your sink or garbage can. Softly shake the toaster to ensure all crumbs come out. Make a solution of water and a couple drops of dish soap to clean and buff the outside of the toaster.

The Coffeemaker
Take the tank of your coffeemaker and fill it with a mixture of water and vinegar. Run the coffeemaker. Keep dumping, refilling, and running using the same mixture. Check to see which parts of your coffeemaker are removable, and place them in a sink of hot water mixed with dish soap. Fill the coffeemaker with cold water and run several times to make sure there is no vinegar left in the system. If there is a lot of mineral buildup, look into using a good descaler instead of vinegar.

The Standing Mixer
A standing mixer can get dirty very easily due to splashes of flour, sugar, butter, or a myriad of other ingredients. This is why it is always a good idea to wipe your standing mixer down thoroughly after each use. For hardened food stains, use a rag soaked in warm water to soften the dried-on food. Never use scrubbing pads due to the delicate nature of the enamel. A toothpick or a wooden skewer can help get any hard to reach places.

The Blender and Food Processor
Disassemble any part that can be taken off. Either wash with warm, soapy water or run the parts through a dishwasher, if the appliance is dishwasher safe. For the base with the cord attached, take a dishrag soaked in hot water, and dish soap, and gently clean. Use a new toothbrush or small dish brush to access any areas that have dried on goop.

The Portable Fan
A portable or standing fan can usually be disassembled quite easily for easy access to all the parts. You may want to use a bathtub, filled with warm soapy water to soak the fan blades and grills. Try to vacuum up and large dust bunnies before placing them in the bath to avoid drain clogs. Use a rag with hot, soapy water to clean the base, the fan motor, and the cord.

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