How To Clean Wine Glasses

How To Clean Wine Glasses

Are you inviting a few guests over for a dinner party? Do you love unwinding after a long day watching TV and drinking wine? Whatever the case, you don’t need to drink from cloudy glasses or those with terrible water spots. Here’s how you can clean your wine glasses properly to keep them looking good for any occasion.

A Few Basics About Stemware

When you are looking for knowledge on how to clean wine glasses, you need to know a few fundamentals.

• Don’t use scented dish soap to clean. You should opt for a mild and unscented dishwashing soap to avoid leaving any traces of soap on the glass. Note that, scented soap will alter the taste of your wine.

• If you are too tired of washing your wine glasses after a long night, you should rinse them if they will stay overnight unwashed. That way, you can reduce the chances of discoloration or staining on your gases.

• Don’t put your wine glasses in the dishwasher. It doesn’t matter if they are made from actual glass or fine crystal. The force of the water jets could break the glass stems. There’s also a great likelihood that the particles in the dishwashing liquid will be etched on the glasses.

• Make sure you use gentle cleaning tools. It’s very easy for wine glasses to get scratches so you should not use scrubby sponges, brushes, scouring pads or steel wool when cleaning them. Use a gentle microfiber cloth to clean the glasses properly.

• Once you are done washing, make sure you wipe the wine glasses dry. If you let them dry naturally, you will find water spots, unattractive streaks and much more. Rather, you should use a clean microfiber cloth and make sure it’s dry before wiping down the stemware to make sure the glass is crystal clear.

It’s really simple to clean any wine glasses. Make sure you wash one piece at a time to avoid clinking the glasses together which might shatter them. Some of the things you need to clean include:

• A basin
• Unscented dishwashing liquid
• Microfiber cloth
• A plastic cup
Start by filling the basin with hot water. Make sure it’s not too hot because it might make the glass crack. Next, you can add some dishwashing soap to the bowl. Add some warm water to the bowl. You should be holding the glass properly and use the microfiber cloth to clean the bottom part of the glass.

Now you can pour out the soapy water and rinse the glass until it’s clear. Dry the glass using the microfiber cloth and make sure you’re gentle about it. Repeat this process until the glass is very clean.

Tips For Cleaning Cloudy Wine Glasses With Vinegar

To do this you need:

• Warm water
• A microfiber towel
• A large bowl or basin (with enough space for submerging a wine glass)
• Distilled white vinegar (1 cup)
• Microfiber cloth
Start by lining the bottom of the basin with the microfiber towel then fill the basin with water and vinegar. Let the wine glass soak for about 5 to 10 minutes. Use the microfiber cloth to gently dry the glass. Repeat this until you have cleaned the glasses thoroughly.

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