Tips To Get Your Kids To Clean Their Room

Tips To Get Your Kids To Clean Their Room

Getting your kids to clean-up after themselves will go a long way, but this can be an even more challenging thing because many parents are not able to do it themselves. Nevertheless, here are some tips to use in getting your kids to clean their rooms.

Making Cleaning a Fun Routine

The main reason why many people don’t like cleaning is that it is seen as a difficult chore. If you can make cleaning seem fun, then it will be easier to make the kids enjoy it. You can make them a playlist of their favorite songs they can sing along to as they clean and organize their rooms. You can also a cleaning game where the person who finishes doing their chores first gets a gift or incentive.

Setting Boundaries

You should have rules and boundaries that kids must adhere to. These rules should make sense to the kids. Example, they should have everything back they were using for their previous activity (e.g. assignments) before they can get started with another activity (e.g. playing video games)

Working Together

You should work with your kids to clean up their messes, from cleaning the sitting room full of littered toys to making sure their bedrooms are clean. Working together will help in making chores lighter, and it is also going to encourage your kids to clean up after themselves. When you do this, you should make sure they are the ones helping and not the ones doing all the work.

Breaking Down the Task

When you give the kids cleaning tasks, you should make sure the work is not overwhelming and is age-appropriate. You should break down the task into smaller tasks, and you should also be specific with your expectations. Instead of telling them to clean up their rooms, you can list the specific tasks they need to do, such as, “organizing littered toys,” “putting their dirty clothes in the hamper,” etc.

Setting a Good Example

Kids are impressionable and often do what they see. This is why you should be setting a good example by having a positive attitude towards cleaning and ensuring things are always organized.Cascade Maids can help you teach your kids the proper way to keep their rooms tidy. Call our offices to find out what we can do and when we can start.

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