How To Create A Comfortable, Inviting Guest Room

How To Create A Comfortable, Inviting Guest Room

Around the holidays, having company over isn’t unusual. When guests come to visit, you can make them feel comfortable and welcome by creating an inviting guest room that they will love. A little bit of preparation ahead of time can make a big difference in how enjoyable it is for guests to stay.

When it is not in use, your guest room may double as a storage closet or a home gym. Before your guests show up, however, you should spend some time clearing out any clutter and organizing the space. Go through everything in the room and take out anything that doesn’t need to be there. Empty at least a couple of drawers in the dresser and create an area in the closet where guests can hang their clothes. Don’t forget to clean the room thoroughly, as well. This includes vacuuming, washing the bedding, and dusting. The guest bathroom should be cleaned from top to bottom, as well.

Prepare Essential Supplies Ahead Of Time

Stock the guest room with clean towels and spare blankets. Check the bathroom to make sure there is plenty of toilet paper. Consider leaving a hairdryer in the room, as well. Add a scented candle to the bathroom vanity and make sure there are plenty of washcloths available. Consider putting a couple of new toothbrushes (still in their packages) and a fresh tube of toothpaste in the bathroom, as well. You can also leave a note with your Wi-Fi password or any other important information so that guests have all of the details that they need.

Take Things One Step Further

If you really want to make a positive impression on your guests, there are a few extra steps that you can take. Try putting fresh flowers in the room. Before your guests arrive, fill a basket with bottled water, snacks, and high-quality toiletries. Set a few magazines out on the nightstand for them to enjoy. For guests who have kids, put some fun toys or games in the room, as well. These extra touches can make a huge difference in how welcome guests feel when they stay.

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