How To Declutter The Kitchen

How To Declutter The Kitchen

Do you want to declutter your kitchen? You’re in the right place!

Start changing things up by putting down the tasks that you need done onto a physical checklist. Then read on for some great ideas about how to structure cleaning and decluttering your kitchen for success.

Step 1: Remove Clutter From Floors and Counters

Removing things from the tops of counters and the floors will help consolidate everything and rejuvenate that sense of space in the room. Put everything back in its original place or one that makes more sense. This will free up floors and counters for even more efficient and quick cleaning.

Step 2: Cleaning the Fridge and Freezer

This can be a challenging task but it is also one that really pays off. Getting a damp towel or cloth with a little Castile soap and hot water on it (add baking soda for extra cleaning power) will help you wipe everything down. First take all of the food out, making sure that you’re not keeping it out too long.

Separate anything you’d like to throw away and toss it. Then get to the fridge and freezer and do a full cleaning of the interior. Once that’s sparkling, put everything back and let yourself admire your work!

Step 3: Cabinets, Food Storage, Drawers

For this step, just go through the cabinets and the drawers one by one. Your food storage location may have built up a lot of items. Sort through what you have and reorganize everything by taking out it all. Put back only what you wish to keep. Add contact paper in if you’re looking for a sleek protective layer that updates your cabinets too.

Step 4: Kitchen Appliances, Tools, Towels

Sort through what you have and either hold onto them or choose to donate or give away extras or items that aren’t being used. Sort through kitchen towels, retiring older ones to be used as cleaning cloths. Fold remaining towels and you’re done!

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