Simple Ways to Clean Bathing Area

Simple Ways to Clean Bathing Area

To live a healthy life, we should ensure everything around us must be neat and clean. When it comes to our bathrooms, we should be extra careful. Clean bathing area will not only prevent you from germs but also give you a pleasant bathing experience. What you have to do is just clean that area on a regular basis, so that you don’t have to put extra efforts. Cleaning the bathing area means cleaning of individual tools like tiles, floors, tubs, fixtures and also the drainage system. You can follow these simple steps for cleaning the bathing area. 

Cleaning of Sleek Surfaces 

Most of the bathing area is equipped with smoother surfaces like tiles, tub, walls, doors etc. Generally a compound named soap-scum, is the biggest enemy for smooth surfaces. So to get rid from soap scum you should clean these surfaces daily or weekly after using the bathroom. Also you should ensure the type of cleaner according to the type of the surface of the tiles or tub. After cleaning the surfaces, next step is to scrub that surface with proper scrubber to make the sleek surface more shiny and glossy. 

Cleaning the Joint Surfaces or Fillings 

In the modern bathroom the joints of tubs and tile can be cleaned with the help of the same method as in smooth surfaces. But in the case of the grouts or joint surfaces, the method should not be the same. Although cleaning on a regular basis is essential in this case prevent these areas from dirt, you have to clean it the mixture of baking soda and water. You can use some drops of dishwashing soap with baking soda. Apply this mixture in the form of paste on the grout surface for a while, then clean it softly with the help of grout brush or any toothbrush. If it does not work then hydrogen peroxide or bleach can be used proper ventilation is required when using these chemicals. 

Cleaning of Metal Surfaces 

Along with the ceramic surfaces, your bathroom is also surrounded with metallic bodies like showerheads, taps, door handles, etc. basically when the hard water get evaporated, it forms a chalky substance mainly (calcium carbonate), which can built up on showerheads, taps, or inside the will cause in the blockage of water inlet and also some lung diseases. This chalky substance named limescale can be removed with the help of water and one-third of white vinegar. But if the layer is so thick that it is not getting removed by this solution, most probably it is present in inner areas of the pipe. For this, the particular part has to be changed. It is recommended that proper sanitizers should be used for the prevention of infection. 

Cleaning of Sever or Channel 

Like smooth surfaces, cleaning of drain system is very necessary on a regular basis. If it is skipped then it will result in the clog or slow down the supply of dirty water to drain. If you are not facing any problem with the channel, then you can simply use vinegar or lime water to make drainage odorless. In case of a slower or clogged drain, a proper chemical solvent is needed. If the cause is stacked fallen hairs in the drain, you can use plumbers snake to remove them manually. Let Cascade Maids handle your cleaning needs. Reach out and give us a call!

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