There are more than 650 species of cobwebs and most of these creatures hide almost anywhere in houses and other man made constructions. A spider will invade in your home only to find shelter and a prey as well. It may therefore be difficult to notice where these creatures hide in your house. Well there are quite a number of spots where you may locate different spider species. If you are experiencing any challenges locating the spider cobwebs then this article is worth reading.

Common places to spot cobwebs and how to eliminate them

1.Under furniture
This is one of the popular places where you will able to locate more cobwebs. Spiders tend to make their shelters in a hidden place hence making sofas their favorite spots. You can also check under your tables and other furniture’s in the entire house. A vacuum treatment may be ideal to completely eliminate the cobwebs from the furniture.

2.Under the sink
Spiders will need water to survive hence making sinks one of their preferred destinations. Some species require much water and therefore the sinks turns out to be the best spot to get shelter as they get enough water of their survival. The only way to get spiders from such a place is regularly cleaning under the sink to discourage spiders from making cobwebs under the sinks.

You will occasionally find more cobwebs on the door frames and therefore you need to occasionally clean your doors to eliminate them completely. Rubbing lemon peels on the door frames may also discourage spiders from your doors as well.

4.Window sills
If you have regularly cleaned your windows then you should have realized that window sills are among the favorite spots for spiders in your home. Cleaning the windows may not eliminate the cobwebs completely and therefore you need spray some spider killers in the entire window perimeter to fully eliminate the cobwebs.

Spiders like hiding in the dark areas of your rooms and this makes closets and storage units their favorite hiding places as well. You should therefore check such areas too for hiding cobwebs as you clean you house. Cedar hangers are recommended for effectively eliminating cobwebs in your closets, drawers and all the storage units in your home.

6.Ceiling corners
Ceiling corners are the most common places to spot hiding cobwebs. Finding effective remedies to discourage spiders from the ceilings then this may result to more infestation problems in your home. You may consider vacuuming the edges to discourage spiders from your home.

Spider infestation in your house may indeed be a great challenge and therefore you need to find some effective ways to completely discourage them from your home. You need to keep your home welcoming for all your guests and therefore with the common hiding place highlighted here in you can quickly spot cobwebs in your home and take immediate actions to completely eliminate them from your house. Cascade Maids can get rid of all your cobwebs. just call us today!

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