Tips On How To Cleaning Your House In The Right Order

Tips On How To Cleaning Your House In The Right Order

If you think that you are the only one who starts to randomly clean one room then moving to the next with no specific order, then think again. Many people do not map out their plan when cleaning their houses. When you plan where to start, you will be able to do the chores more efficiently, and your tasks become more manageable.

If so, then what is the right order of going about it? Below is a quick and systematic guide on how to clean your house without finding it a complicated and tedious task.

Start With The Most Demanding Room

The bathroom may be small, perhaps the smallest room in the house. However, it is the most demanding when it comes to cleaning. The bathroom will consume a lot of time as you wash the tub, shower, sinks, toilet, sink, and different installations that need a bit of scrubbing and polishing.

Since the room is labor-intensive, you should start with it so that it does you are done with the place that will consume the most time. If you start there, then the others will seem easier to handle. Moreover, you do not want the bathroom to be the last place you clean when you are tired and feel like abandoning the task.

Dusting And Organizing

You should dust your house from top to bottom. Why is this? Well, the dust will drop down to the lower surfaces and floor. That is why you cannot start washing the place before you take care of the dirt.

With your duster, vacuum cleaner and dust mop on hand, you will make your way across the house as you deal with the dust. Pay close attention to the areas that you may forget, such as the blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards, and top surfaces of your cupboards, dressers, coffee tables, shelves, and cabinets. Also, remember to organize any area whose items you disarrange when dusting.

Mopping And Vacuuming

Once you are done dusting and all the dirt is on the floor, you can then proceed to vacuum the entire house. Opting to vacuum is more effective in managing the dust compared to sweeping with may only cause the dirt and dust to fly. You need to vacuum all surfaces, including the hard ones such as the floors.

Once you are done with the vacuuming, you then can begin mopping the floors. Keep in mind that cleaning the floors will daily routine for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. But it should not be a daily task for other areas of the house unless they have spills or significant dirt that needs cleaning. As for the dusting, you can reserve this as a bi-weekly or bi-monthly chore.

Wind Things Up With The Kitchen

Your house cleaning should start with the bathroom and end with the kitchen. The job in this area of the house should be relatively easy if you wipe down the counters and deal with spills as soon as they happen.

Your primary focus will be wiping the kitchen appliances and cabinets. Start with the cabinetry and then shift to the appliances that will include the stove, refrigerator, and microwave. Once you are done with these, you can proceed to deal with any items in the sink, and then clean the wipe the countertops finishing up with the sink.

The above house cleaning plan is best implemented on the weekend since it is an approach that ensures you thoroughly clean your home. If you find that you cannot manage, then consider outsourcing the services of a reputable home cleaning company, there are some in your area call one today.

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