Tips to Keep Your Home Smelling Great

Tips to Keep Your Home Smelling Great

Every single home has a distinct scent. Some are more pleasant than others depending on the different day-to-day practices of the persons living there. Different things contribute to the different smells in our homes. They include personal effects, trash cans, and pets. You should therefore do your best to ensure that you keep your home free of all unpleasant smells. Getting rid of odors may not always be an easy task. Ridding your house off messes from pets and trash cans requires some amount of effort put into it. Following the tips below will ensure that your house has a pleasant scent.

Cleaning the Drainage System

Sinks, toilets, and bathroom drainages are some of the common sources of stench around the house. They should, therefore, be cleaned regularly by running water through them. Water may not be enough to remove bad smells from your sinks and toilets. However, the use of lime or baking soda has been proven to be very effective. Putting lime or baking soda in the drains followed by a lot of water, preferably warm, will do the trick.

Carpet cleaning

Rugs and mats may keep a lot of stench plush. This is because they absorb moisture from their surroundings. After spilling food, drinks, and being messed on by the pets, your carpets will inevitably become smelly. You should, therefore, ensure that you clean them regularly. 

The baking soda trick will also apply here. Sprinkle your baking soda on the mats, rugs or carpets and leave it for a while. You can also use this method to remove odor from mattresses, pet beds, and other areas around the house.

Cleaning the Trash Can

Your trash can will always get dirty and smelly after using it for some time. Therefore, when doing your cleaning work around the house, you should not leave it behind. After cleaning it with water, you can use baking soda to get rid of any odor from the can. You should also disinfect your trash can to kill any remaining bacteria.

Use Fruits and Herbs

Herbs such as mint and lavender produce a pleasant scent that you can use to freshen the air in your house. You can use these herbs together with fruits such as lemon and lime. When you boil some water and add the herbs together with slices of your fruit, they will produce a scent that will spread through the house, leaving it smelling nice. You can also use other ingredients that you feel can produce a good smell depending on what you like.

Use of Scented Candles

Placing scented candles around your house will give it a lovely smell. Doing so will help in getting rid of any odor around the house. For this to be more effective, you need to place the candles in strategic places, such as where you keep your linen. The fabrics are likely to catch the scent and spread it wherever you use them in the house.

Indoor Plants

Besides using them for their aesthetic factor, you can use indoor plants to keep the air in your house clean and fresh. Some of the indoor plants that are known to purify the air include Philodendron, Peace Lily, Pygmy Palm, Spider Plant, among others.

Air Fresheners

You can easily keep your house smelling nice by using air fresheners. You do not need to put them in every single room in the house. You can just clip one to the vent slats spreading it throughout the house.

Use of Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets help in making fabrics resistant to dust and lint. Placing them in clothing storage areas such as dressers and closets helps to keep the clothes fresh. It ensures that there will be no dampness even after leaving the clothes unused for some time. 

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