When Cleaning Hacks Aren’t Enough: Debunking Cleaning Myths

When Cleaning Hacks Aren’t Enough: Debunking Cleaning Myths

Due to social sites, there exists a significant number of channels that provide effective “cleaning tips” to ease your housekeeping duties. Regardless of whether your cleaning inspiration is derived from DIY cleaning solutions or from inherited myths these tidying hacks do not always produce the expected outcome. In some instances, they can destroy your appliances or damage your home and cost you your precious time and financial resources to fix!

It is difficult for people to distinguish between a productive cleaning approach and one that is just a fallacy. Our cleaning professionals at Cascaded Maids selected some of the popular cleaning misconceptions and exposed their flaws to assist you to stay well informed about your alternatives.

These are some of the “cleaning hacks” to stay away from:

• Utilizing newspaper to wipe your windows clean: Though specific types of newspapers can be effective in cleaning windows a microfiber cloth or perhaps a coffee filter works better. Since some newspapers are still printed using petroleum ink, they leave your hands stained and with ugly smears.

• Using bleach cleaners for everything: It does not matter who has sworn that bleach is the best cleanser to use, it is not a cleaner, it is a stain remover and disinfectant. Although diluted bleach mixtures can be effective in disinfecting surfaces, bleach, when mixed with other cleaning compounds, becomes toxic. However, if you still desire to try it out, ensure that you strictly follow the instructions provided and maintain adequate air supply.

• Using lemons and coffee grounds to freshen your garbage disposal: If your garbage disposal begins to produce an awful odor it can be enticing to refresh its scent with coffee grounds or slices of lemon, as this approach has been highly recommended as a means to maintain the blades’ cleanliness. Nevertheless, these two solutions can lead to a blocked drain. A better freshening and abrasive solution involves applying a compound mix of boiling water, white vinegar, and baking soda.

• Cleaning every surface using Dawn and vinegar: Cleaners with the tag “Dawn and vinegar” have risen in popularity among the DIY crowd. Although this solution has some capacity to clean, it contains large concentrations of soap liquid that inhibit it from achieving a streak-free cleanse, also it lacks a powerful decontaminating agent. For an improved DIY all-purpose cleaning option, a concentrated peppermint cleaning solution is worth a try.

• Instantly wiping up your cleaners: Since most cleaning products are composed of strong chemicals, you might have the notion that they take effect right away, and attempt to reduce time with a quick spray session. However, the truth is most cleaning products take around 5-10 minutes to disintegrate bacteria, germs, and grime. By allowing your cleaners to settle and work, you will reduce the time and energy required for scrubbing while ensuring your surfaces are clean for a greater period.

Want more cleaning hacks? Our professional cleaning experts know all the tips and hacks. Talk to a representative for more information.

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