Choosing The Best Cleaning Tools

Choosing The Best Cleaning Tools

With spring cleaning on our minds, our experts at Cascade Maids are ready to share their best tips and advice to help you clean your home like a pro. Every now and then, we share tips on choosing the best cleaning supplies to help you with your spring cleaning tasks. But have you ever wondered why we recommend some tools and supplies above all others? This article will help you understand our recommendations, as it showcases a quick comparison of some of these options.

Microfiber Cloths Or Sponges?

Virtually any household sponge can be a germ magnet, no matter how clean it may look. Since none of us would ever use a microscope to tell how clean sponges are, you should stay away from them right off the bat. Use a microfiber cloth instead of a sponge. Microfiber is better at cleaning surfaces, anyway. In addition, you can wash it in the machine. As microfiber is also quick-drying, it is less likely to develop as many germs as a sponge. Ideally, you should wash your microfiber cloth before and after the cleaning.

Vacuums or Brooms?

Brooms don’t collect dust, but rather push it around. This is why you should part ways with your broom right away. Your vacuum is a much better option, so prepare it for some action. Dust it off, clean its roller brush, and change its HEPA filter. Regular maintenance is the best way to maintain the suction power of your vacuum. If you ignore such maintenance tasks, your vacuum will become less and less effective at removing dirt and dust, so you’ll have to work more to clean your house.

Floor Cleaners Or Steamers?

There are floor cleaners that promise you to do just about anything you can think of. However, steamers can be your best bet in your endeavor to spring clean your home. Steamers can effectively remove stains off hardwood and ceramic tile floors, while also disinfecting these surfaces. They are one of the most effective tools for killing germs and bacteria hiding in tile grout and it other hard-to-reach places. If you’ve recently been though a cold and flu season, this may be the best solution to kill those germs for good.

Your Good Old Toilet Brush Or Disposable Wands?

Toilet brushes need to handle one of the dirtiest jobs in a household. Most people use them and then store them in their holders, without even thinking about cleaning and disinfecting them. You should choose disposable toilet wands, as they are a safer solution. These tools are also very effective at scrubbing, and they come with their built-in cleaning detergent.  

Store Glass Cleaning Products Or Homemade Solutions?

Ready-made glass cleaning products available in shops are not only expensive but also less effective than homemade solutions based on vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

In case you are too busy to take proper care of your spring cleaning, consider hiring Cascade Maids to have some expert cleaners handle these jobs for you.

In addition, remember to use these home cleaning tips:

– Set a cleaning routine and stick to it

– Get organized

– Avoid using too much cleaning product

– Clean regularly and as often as needed

– Use the most effective cleaning tools and supplies

Hire Cascade Maids! You can give us a call and talk to our experts today!

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