Why Spring Clean?

Why Spring Clean?

If you’re like many, you were taught to do an annual spring clean. This wasn’t just any clean, it was a deep clean that was an absolute must annually in the spring. Where did Spring cleaning originate?

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How Did It All Begin?

Before there were vacuums, before there were humidifiers, spring cleaning was an annual event that took place after the long hard winter of keeping the house all closed up. Consider it, windows and doors were shut tightly and there were woodstoves for heat or fireplaces.

Additionally, the colder weather made it more of a challenge to care for the large wash such as heavy comforters, rugs, bedding and the like. Thus, in the spring, it was an ideal time to throw open windows and doors and allow fresh air into the house and scrub those spots that the sun brought to light.

How Does Spring Cleaning Look Today?

Today, even with the advances of modern heating and housing, you still want to freshen your home. A home that is all sealed up will want to have fresh air and will still appreciate that the nooks and crannies are all clean and tidy. Unless you’re living in a warm climate, you still keep those doors and windows closed up during the winter months. There may be slush that’s been brought into the home, along with other bits of winter like pine needles, leaves, and general dirt.

While there are filters, vents, and even air purifiers in homes today, that winter dirt still manages to pile up over the winter. Sometimes, it seems like winter will never end. Spring is a nice way to welcome the sunshine back and to cleanse your home of the winter doldrums. It’s also the ideal time to get rid of dirt, musty smells, dust, and all of those dust bunnies. It’s ideal for freshening curtains and rugs.

While modern living has managed to banish a lot of the reasons for spring cleaning, there is still much that can be done to freshen up a home as the old fashioned pioneers and homesteaders did. It’s the perfect time to banish the winter blues.

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