Deep Cleaning Carpet Tips That Work

Deep Cleaning Carpet Tips That Work

If you’re one of our loyal readers, you probably know by now that we love to share our best cleaning supplies and tips to help you with your spring cleaning checklist. Have you ever wondered why we endorse some cleaning tools and products over all others? We are going to answer this question by providing you with a quick overview of our favorite cleaning tools by comparison with their alternatives. Some of our findings may surprise you.

Sponges Or Microfiber Cloths?

Even apparently spotless houses hold sponge can be a paradise of germs. However, we’d need a microscope to actually tell how dirty a sponge is. This is why you should get rid of your sponges and replace them with microfiber cloths. Microfiber is more effective when it comes to cleaning surfaces. It is also machine washable and quick-drying. This means that they don’t collect as many germs as sponges. For your safety, you can wash your microfiber cloths before and after your spring cleaning.

Brooms Or Vacuums?

Brooms do nothing more than moving dirt and dust around instead of removing it, so you can kiss them goodbye without regrets. Use your vacuum instead of a broom, but make sure you clean it a little beforehand. When was the last time you’ve cleaned its roller brush? What about the last time you’ve replace the HEPA filter? Most probably you’ve never done any of these. Overlooking regular maintenance may have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the vacuum, caused by a decrease of its suction power. A clean and regularly maintained vacuum, though, will do a much better job at removing dust and debris than any broom in the world.

Floor Cleaner Or Floor Steamer?

There are some floor cleaners that promise to do wonders. However, none of the can equal the effectiveness of a good steamer. A steamer can be a priceless tool in your spring cleaning arsenal, because it can remove all stains from vinyl flooring or ceramic tiles, but also disinfect these surfaces by killing germs and bacteria. If you’ve just hot out of a harsh cold and flu season, a floor steamer may be the ideal solution to kick those germs out of your home for good.

Common Toilet Brush Or Disposable Wands?

Toilet brushes have to put up with one of the ugliest chores in a household. Once they finish their job, they end up by taking their place back in their holder, together with all the germs and debris they’ve removed. This is one good reason to get rid of these tools and replace them with disposable wands that are much safer from a health standpoint. These wands are also more effective at scrubbing, so you’ll always enjoy a clean bathroom without taking any health risk.

Store Glass Cleaner Or Homemade Solutions?

Store glass cleaners may cost you a small fortune. At the same time, they may not be as effective as a homemade mixture of vinegar and alcohol.

If you’re too busy to properly handle your cleaning, just find an expert to do it for you. Give us a call today.

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