How To Motivate Yourself To Clean

How To Motivate Yourself To Clean

Sometimes chores add up. Sometimes, you might look at your living room or your kitchen, thinking the last thing you want to do is clean again. With everyone spending more time at home, there seems to be more cleaning and clutter to get rid of. But don’t worry!

Our experts at Cascade Maids have some tips to help you start cleaning even when you are too overwhelmed.

Adopt A Sprint-Like Mentality

Instead of thinking about tidying with an all-or-nothing mentality, set a timer for 20 minutes for you to clean. Take a 10 minutes break, and repeat. You can, of course, adapt the timing to your needs. The idea is to train your brain not to associate the cleaning process with a time-consuming and harsh journey. You should do it for relaxed bursts and get some steady progress.

Start Small

Sometimes there’s so much to do that knowing where to start can be challenging. Try to divide the mess into small and manageable parts. 

Have Clear Priorities

If you know you tend to be overwhelmed by house cleaning, keep a list of all the tasks you need to complete. The sense of accomplishment when ticking one item off the list will help you stay motivated. Use the following questions to help you identify your priorities.

  • If you had guests coming to one house, what would you make sure to be done before their arrival?
  • What tasks do you need to do before you can concentrate on other things (such as work)?
  • What mess keeps you from relaxing and having fun?

Distract Yourself With Music

Upbeat music can help you complete your to-do list without even noticing. You can find the perfect playlists on Spotify or Apple Music, or you can create your own!

If you get overwhelmed by cleaning, and you feel you don’t have time for more important things, you can always contact a house cleaning service company. Here at Cascade Maids, we have experts ready to help you! Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a free estimate of our services!

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