Household Disinfecting: What You Should Know as a Consumer

Household Disinfecting: What You Should Know as a Consumer

The novel coronavirus outbreak has changed quite a lot in our lives. Besides the changes in our lifestyles, at work and school, and the rise of new social practices, COVID-19 also heightened awareness of the importance of household disinfecting. Many local services had to re-invent themselves to survive during these harsh times. The result is that some pest-control, carpet cleaning, and HVAC businesses are now offering disinfecting services. Among this sudden growth in the market of disinfection services, customers need to understand how the process works and how to maintain a safe and healthy home effectively.

That’s why we put together this guide about effective disinfection.

The Steps for Efficient Disinfection

Clean Your House First

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that the first step for proper disinfection is to thoroughly clean the surfaces from dust, dirt, and debris. That is because all such elements can bring harmful germs, viruses, and pathogens, which would prevent any disinfectant from killing them. Companies offering fog or spray disinfecting services must first provide home cleaning to avoid the mist to stay on top of the dust, dirt, and debris around the house. Only that would ensure effective disinfection. It’s like using hand sanitizer on muddy hands: the result is “disinfected” mud and messy hands.

Break The Chain Of Infection

After a thorough cleaning, you should try to “break the chain of infection.” Hands and high contact surfaces hold the highest risk of transmission of germs and viruses. That means that before investing in an expensive disinfection service, you’ll have to consider the causes of infection.

Preventing contact should be your priority when you are looking to reduce the effects of infection. Think about it: spray or fog disinfectants may kill viruses and germs only in the short-term. As soon as you return home after a workday, whatever you touch might be contaminated again. The most effective way to maintain a healthy home is to avoid contamination as much as possible. Frequent home cleaning and disinfecting of services will have long-term effects than expensive single disinfection services. Cascade Maids can do the cleaning for you. Don’t hesitate to call us for a quote

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