Stress-Free Ways to Keep Your Windows Clean

Stress-Free Ways to Keep Your Windows Clean

When you are trying to keep the windows clean, it can become such a daunting and frustrating task. Even if you are wiping the windows off as often as you can, you might notice some smudges that appear throughout the day.

Make It a Priority to Clean When There Are Plenty of Clouds

You probably did not realize this, but it is a good idea to clean the windows on cloudy days. You may have assumed it is best to clean on days when the sun is shining bright, but the sun can make it exceptionally hot outside, causing your cleanser to dry out at a faster pace. If the cleanser is drying out too fast, you could end up with a lot of streaks on your windows. You would end up feeling like you just wasted your time trying to get your windows clean without having much success.

Use a New Window Scrubber

If you have been hanging on to your usual window scrubber for months or years, it is a good time to throw it out and replace it with a new one. The old scrubber is probably full of dirt. If you continue using it, you could make your windows dirtier instead of getting them as clean as you would like them to be.

Do Not Be Afraid to Use a Vinegar Solution

Plenty of people use window cleansers on their windows because they claim to do an excellent job of removing dirt and dust from the glass. However, some of these products are simply too harsh. You can use a vinegar solution and still get your windows as clean as you would like them. The acidity of the vinegar makes it strong enough to get rid of any nasty stains and buildup that is found on the windows.

Additional Tips You Need to Know

When you are washing your windows from the outside, make sure you are scrubbing from top to bottom. If you are washing them on the inside, you should move your scrubber from left to right while attempting to get rid of the dirt. You can avoid streaks by wiping the windows down the proper way. You may also want to hire professional window cleaners to assist you with getting your windows to look good. Contact us with all your questions and for a quote.

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