Tips For Cleaning Your Bathroom

Tips For Cleaning Your Bathroom

You can find bathroom cleaning tips everywhere. In fact, sometimes it can get overwhelming. However, we have compiled the best house cleaning techniques and tricks that are proven from our experience as leading cleaning services to take out all of the guesswork.

Whether it is scrubbing floors or cleaning toilets, keep reading to learn how to clean like a professional. And if you don’t like being on your hands and knees scrubbing with a toothbrush, then don’t worry about it. Just ask us about the professional bathroom cleaning services that we offer and get the fresh and sparkling shine that you have dreaming of for so long.

To get started, gather these cleaning supplies:

Rubber or latex gloves for protecting your hands
Squeegee to wash windows
All-purpose cleaner
Small sponge paintbrush
Microfiber cloth
A soft-bristled small brush like a toothbrush
Nylon brush
Disinfectant cleaner

Disinfect The Toothbrush Holders – Usually, you just need to run these through your dishwasher. You should replace your toothbrush while you are doing this.

Replace Or Wash Your Shower Liners And Curtains – Unless they are made out of plastic or the tag’s direction says otherwise, the liner and shower curtain can both be put through your washing machine. Soak any plastic ones you have in a vinegar and water solution or just replace them. You will spend most of your time taking the curtain and liner down and then putting them back up.

Clean Your Windows – Take the screens off and then clean the glass using a squeegee. Wash the casing, tracks, and sills, using compressed air or a toothbrush for places that are hard to reach. Vacuum shades and blinds or wipe them down using a damp microfiber cloth. Vinyl and metal blinds can be wash in a tub with one cup of white vinegar and warm, soapy water. Before you remove the blinds, make sure to completely tighten them, and then rinse them and dry them flat on a clean towel.

Let a professional house cleaner handle your home cleaning projects. Need your bathroom cleaned? Call us at Cascade Maids today!

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