Cleaning your windows during spring can quite be a difficult task especially if you are using glass cleaners and paper towels. It is indeed a huge process that can take much of your time. However, with a basic window cleaning plan, the entire process can save your time and some unnecessary cots even in the long run. This is not only meant to keep your home clean and fresh but also very important for heat and cooling efficiency in your home.

Tools required in the cleaning process
• You need to get all the tools ready before you can begin the cleaning process. Some of these tools include; • A large bucket full of warm water mixed with some dishwashing liquid soap
• A vacuum cleaner to clean the window screens
• A plastic scraper to remove the sticky stains and debris from the windows
• Absorbent material to protect the items around the window from the dripping solutions while cleaning the window.
• Fill a spray bottle with some of the water in the large bucket
• A squeegee to remove the water on the window screen after cleaning. However, the squeegee should be of a higher quality and the shredded one. If your windows are too high then you also need to get along a pole as well.
• A microfiber material could be a cloth to dry the window after washing.

Once you have assembled all the items, you can now begin the window cleaning process. However, you need to consider cleaning the window on a cloudy day. A sunny day would distract your pupils making you unable to detect some dirt particles on the window panes. The sun’s heat would also dry the window faster hence making it a challenge to manage the streaking procedures.

The Cleaning Method
– Cover the items around the window with the absorbent clothing
You need to protect some of the items around the window including home furniture, sills, and also the floor among other items.
– Check for any debris or sticky stains on the window and use the scraper to remove them from the window glasses.
– Vacuum up the window
Some tiny dirt particles and debris may have collected inside the window frames and therefore you need to use the vacuum cleaner to remove them.
– Begin from the top as you clean the windows making an s-like pattern from one end of the window pane to the other using the sponge.
– After cleaning, you can now use the squeegee to dry the window panes. Also, consider drying from the top to the bottom.
– Use the absorbent material to wipe moisture from the window panes and the frames as well.
After drying, you can use the microfiber to polish the window panes for a beautiful shinning look.
This is indeed a simple process that would get your windows sparkling. It does not only save your time but also saves you some unnecessary costs that you would incur in the future. If you are bigger on saving time a professional cleaning service in your neighborhood is waiting for your call.

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