Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips

Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips

Summer has arrived and that means it is vacation time! If you will be staying in a vacation rental, then you need to be prepared to do a bit of cleaning after you get there.

Check out cleaning tips for vacation rentals below so you know which things you need to take care of after you arrive.

Check the Trash

The previous guests or your rental host might have forgotten to take out the trash before leaving. Take a few minutes to check all of the house’s trash cans to see f they have all been emptied Then find the replacement trash lines so you get off to a fresh start.

Do Some Light Cleaning In The Kitchen

The kitchen is the room in your vacation rental that you will want to focus a majority of your cleaning efforts on. Summer adventures such as hikes and swimming in the ocean result in increased appetites which means the kitchen will get lots of traffic. We have a kitchen cleaning checklist that you can use to ensure your friends or family are eating using clean utensils and surfaces.

Kitchen cleaning checklist

Check the inside of the microwave to make sure it is clean.

Clean your kitchen sponges by thoroughly wetting them and then microwaving them for one to two minutes. Watch the sponge inside of the microwave and allow it cool before you remove it. It’s going to be very hot.

Go over the freezer refrigerator to ensure no food has been left inside.

Wipe all surfaces down, including sinks, stovetops, and countertops.

Check glasses, dishes, and frequently used cutting boards, pans, and pots to be sure they were cleaned well by the previous renters.

If there are any dirty dishes you will be using on a regular basis, put them into the dishwasher or thoroughly wash them by hand.


The bathroom should already be in fairly good shape. However, it won’t hurt to wipe the countertops down. Especially if you are going to be spreading out your toothbrushes and toiletries. You may also want to wipe down the toilet handle as well as the shower and sink knobs quickly.


If there is an outdoor area with your rental, it is worth spending a couple of minutes on getting it cleaned up. If you are able to find an outside broom, give the area a good sweeping. Then quickly wipe down any outdoor furniture. Hopefully, the tables, deck chairs, and grills have been left fairly clean and are ready to use after using a towel or cloth to give them a quick once over with a towel or cloth. However, you can use these instructions below if any outdoor items need to have some extra attention.

How to Clean Outdoor Furniture

Tips On Cleaning A BBQ Grill

Cleaning a vacation rental probably isn’t your idea of having fun. However, if you take half an hour to one hour getting your vacation rental in good working order it can be well worth it. You will be able to relax knowing you have personally cleaned all of the cups that your family is drinking from.

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