Cleaning A Sink Overflow Hole Will Make It Function As It Should

Cleaning A Sink Overflow Hole Will Make It Function As It Should

Look at your bathroom sink, and you will notice that it has a small hole below the faucet and at the back of the bowl. This hole is called the overflow hole and is a part of the sink that people do not think much about.

However, knowing how this rather insignificant space functions can help you to keep the sink always clean and clear. The following tips will tell you how you can ensure that the overflow hole of your bathroom sink is always clean.

What is this Sink Overflow Hole?

It is a part of the sink that will keep your sink from being flooded. It helps to divert the water before the sink starts overflowing so that you can take action when you or somebody else in the household have left the faucet on, or if there is a plumbing issue that leads to the same situation.

How to Keep the Overflow Hole Clear?

You now know the reason why it is important to see that this overflow hole is not blocked. If it is, it will not perform its function. There is a need to keep it clean. Bathrooms are places that are hot and damp, and the last thing that you need is the growth of mold and mildew in the drain that takes the overflow from the sink.

What Do You Need?

A pipe cleaner or brush for cleaning the sink.
A funnel made of silicone or any material that does not conduct heat and will be able to stand up to boiling water temperature.
Two or three quarts of water that is boiling

Stick the brush or pipe cleaner into the overflow hole.
Manipulate it in and out of the overflow hole so that you can remove the gunk that has built up inside it.
Boil the water
Now remove the brush or cleaner, and stick the funnel into the overflow hole instead.
Pour the water that has been boiled into the funnel slowly so that any remaining buildup is flushed after it has loosened.
See if you can get yourself some help, as you need to be very careful while doing this, as steam and boiling water can cause nasty burns.
Repeat the entire procedure if needed.

What to Do If the Overflow Hole is Stinking?

If there has been a build-up of mildew in the overflow hole of the sink, it will probably raise a stink.

Take a cup of baking soda, a cup of white vinegar (distilled) and two quarts of water that has been boiled. You will also need the same type of funnel like the one you have used for cleaning.

Stick the funnel in the sink’s overflow hole.
Pour the baking soda in it
Next, pour in the vinegar. It may fizz a little and you must be prepared for this.
Leave it alone for fifteen minutes or so, to let the vinegar and baking soda work as deodorizers.
Now take care, when you pour in the boiling water. Be careful not to splash it on yourself or get burned by the steam. Ask for help if you need it. Cascade Maids are here for you.
If the odor persists, repeat the procedure or give us a call.

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