Cleaning Cellular Shades Using 5 Simple Tips

Cleaning Cellular Shades Using 5 Simple Tips

If you are looking for light control treatment for your windows that also offers excellent insulation, then consider using cellular shades. They are designed to trap air between the window surface and the room. The cellular shaped have cells that mimic that of the honeycomb. They are an excellent choice, especially for the cold winters and hot summers – they help ensure your space stays cool.

You can get the cellular shades in custom fitting that range from light filters to opaque options and many more choices that fit your needs and preferences. The design poses an issue when it comes to ease of cleaning, especially when comparing the cellular shades to slat blinds. However, it is necessary to point out that cleaning the shades is not that much of a daunting task. It is not that hard to make them look new.

Below are five cleaning tips to keep your cellular shades looking spotlessly new.

1. Keep off dirt and dust

a light vacuuming the cellular shades or dusting them using a feature duster can suffice; it, however, should be an everyday routine to maintain the aesthetics of your window treatments.

2. Wash out stains and dirt

Dirt and other substances can stain your cellular shades, and you will need to use a mild detergent, and warm water to get rids of all spots and stains. Avoid resorting to stain removers and bleach because they can fade or remove the dye on the shades.

3. Keep your shades sharp

Cellular shades have a defining character in their design – the pleats. Wiping helps preserve how your shades will look, and you will do this by wiping along the creases (the direction the pleats run).

4. Never let your shades stay damp

After spot cleaning, dab off any excess moistures in the shades using a highly-absorbent material such as a dry cotton towel.

5. Leave to dry

Allow the spotless cellular shades to air dry.

Keeping your cellular shades looking new is not that complicated, following these easy five tips stated above. You can also contact your local Cascade Maids for more information. Give us a call today!.

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