Three Reasons Why You Should Book Us This Holiday Season

Three Reasons Why You Should Book Us This Holiday Season

It’s the week before Christmas and no one is helping mom clean the house, not the children and not the spouse. During that very short time that leads up the holidays, schedules become even more hectic and muddy snow boots are left in the hall and school projects are piled up on the kitchen countertops. Along with all of the added clutter, you are being driven crazy by all of the visible dirt and dust everywhere, which makes the “to-do” list in your head even longer.

However, it isn’t just the house that needs attention they are also menus that need to be planned for the in-laws’ yearly visit, presents that you need to buy and wrap, baked goods that need to be made for your child’s school party. When you are spread out so thin it is quite easy for chaos to completely take over. This is where we can help.

With all of the plates you are trying to juggle, we can alleviate one of the big ones by taking care of the cleaning. Here are three good reasons why you should strongly consider hiring us to get things under control before the holiday hit.

Free up some valuable time for you

Due to how busy the season is, regular cleaning often ends up falling by the wayside. When daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning chores start to build up, it can result in many hours of cleaning tasks that need to be done.

Impress your guests and relieve stress at the same time.

Having this huge chore taken care of can help to reduce a lot of holiday-related anxiety and stress, especially if you have guests coming. You won’t need to lose any sleep about your neighbor seeing all of the imperfections or the impressions of your judgemental sister-in-law. Knowing that you have a shining and spotless home can help you sleep peacefully at night.

Not have to dread the aftermath

When you play hostess there is often a big mess to deal with in the end. Even if you are not having company, a post-holiday house can feel quite cluttered once the festive decorations are dated and worn. You can book Cascade Maids at any time and not just to prepare for the holidays. We also can help to get your house refreshed, clean, and ready to celebrate the New Year. What are you waiting on to call?

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